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Because I Value Your Opinion!

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So I could decide on my own, but I figure you guys won't mind seeing a few extra pictures for the contest! Right??

I have some funny pictures, and some in good quality, and some that are a little of both, so was hoping I could get some input on which you all would enter in the contets if you were me! If nothing else, enjoy a few laughs while you're at it!

Evie helping me build a fence (Maybe I should have entered this in Aug!!)

Evie trapped! Sort of

Evie begging you to SAVE HER!!

Calypso making one of her classic faces

Duh duh duh (Batman theme) BAT EARS!!

Cronos the Classic LOL Cat

Thanks guys! Love this contest already!!
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They're all so cute! ....but I would have to say the one of Cronos. That picture has me cracking up!. lol
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Definitely gotta be Cronos!!! That one is absolutely hilarious! What was that cat up to???
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Oh DEFINITELY the one of Cronos! A close second would be Calypso's funny face, but the quality isn't as good. Besides, taking pix of black kitties is always a challenge
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That pic of Cronos IS a classic, that is hilarious
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Sure the others are adorable , but that pic is adorable and HILARIOUS!
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Cronos...invsibible pole dancing!
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Thanks everyone! That is definitely the one I was leaning towards, too. But it's SO typical, I thought maybe I should try for one more unique. That's why I wanted your opinions!

So thank you all very much!!

And mrblanche, I think I will just have to enter it with "invisible pole dancing"!!
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Cronos the Classic LOL Cat

OMG!! THAT IS SOOOO LOL!! Totally made me crack up. That one is a winner for sure!!
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