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New Kittens

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Brieanne just delivered 6 new kittens. 4 red, 1 black, 1 brown patched tabby. I will post photos later as I've been up all night and can't focus! LOL
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Can't wait to see them! Congratulations on the new arrivals!
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awwww congrats!! can't wait to see!!!
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Can't wait to see pictures!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
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BTW: Did the That's my Baby thing go through?
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That's great!! I can't wait to see them in pictures!!
I don't know Brieanne (I'm still kinda new). Can you tell me about her (the daddy, etc.)?
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Brianne is a brown patched tabby Persian. The daddy is a Red Mac Tabby.
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What a content looking mommy!!!!! What a great pic!!!! Gosh - it just makes me want to pic them all up and snuggle.

Congrats, Teresa!!!!!!

BTW - is this the birth that was filmed? Or am I just all confused????

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Brieanne isn't very vocal when in heat, we didn't know when her actual due date was. Her sister is extremely vocal and everyone knows EXACTLY when she bred! LOL
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awwww what cuties!!
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Thanks, Teresa.
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What a content Mommy! That look on her face is so precious, just like those babies she has!
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the close ups of the littens faces! My hubby just put them up on our web-site on the photos page!
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awwwwwwwwwwwww! there so cute you so lucky!!

Beutiful mommy!!
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those r cute kittens! im sure her mother must be proud!!
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on a weekly basis! They grow so fast!
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That is so neat! What a buch of sweethearts And I ALWAYS love pictures
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OoOoOOoOoOOoOoooo!! Soooo pretty! More pictures please!
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They are sooo adorable, at first I thought it was just mama there, then apon closer inspection I saw the little fluff+stuffs. Congrats!!!
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