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Claws getting caught...

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Just after we brought Belle and Delilah home, Belle got one of her claws caught under a washer that connects the ladder to her cat tree. We hadn't trimmed her nails yet, so we immediately did so and it didn't happen again.

Today, she got her claw caught in one of the ceiling vents. She often sticks her paws up there to peek through. I think I remember thinking her claw got caught one time previously, but she got it loose. Today, she gave me quite the scare. Her claw was caught and I stupidly lifted her up hoping that she would be able to get it loose with a little more slack on her front legs (she was "reaching" up to the vent)...however, she didn't get it loose and I was helpless because I couldn't put her back down on the cabinet she was on. She was screaming and I had no idea what to do! Luckily, the claw came loose (I'm sure it wasn't painless for her...she was not happy!) and she's no worse for the wear now.

We trim the nails on a regular basis, but she is due for a trimming (although her nails are still dull fairly dull). Obviously, I will be trimming them back as mush as possible tonight. However, I've never heard of a cat's claws getting caught on things like that. It has never happened to Delilah.

Is there a reason that her claws keep getting caught (ie. could they not be "working" properly? Is there anything I can do to make sure it doesn't happen again? Has this happened to anyone else before?
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A ceiling vent? Do you ever have the feeling that this sort of thing could only happen to your Belle? Not to make light of it though, you were extremely lucky that she didn't bite you. Scared cats in pain are dangerous. You could try putting Soft Claws on her, as it sounds more like her claws grow fast and she just doesn't know better.

Since you can trim her claws you can probably play with her toes and see if there's any problems with them. You need to check the one that was caught, too.

As for the vent, I doubt she'll put her paw in there again so you shouldn't have to worry about keeping her paws out of it.

My Tomas has gotten claws stuck in things before. Once was a chair in the living room, don't ask me how - I have no idea. But I didn't dare try to touch him, I know he'll bite me. Instead I quickly put the chair down on it's back and he unhooked his own claw... then walked off like nothing happened when he was yowling and hissing a moment before.
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I'm so sorry, I can't be of much help - just a sort of reassurance, I guess. Whenever one of our kitties gets their claws hooked in something (thankfully it's usually just the blanket on the bed!), you'd think they'd just retract them! Instead, they start freaking out and pulling at it. Why? I have no idea.

We know for sure there's nothing wrong with our kitties' paws and claws.

I hope somebody's got some suggestions, because it seems like you've got an explorer/climber on your hands - and she obviously gets into situations where just retracting them isn't an option.

The only thing I can think of is to keep her nails trimmed as close to the quick as possible.

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Since she sounds like one of those cats who will find trouble and gets caught, you might want to check and trim the nails once a week. It could be that her nails are growing on an angle or something.

I've never had a cat that kept getting caught on things.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Since she sounds like one of those cats who will find trouble and gets caught, you might want to check and trim the nails once a week. It could be that her nails are growing on an angle or something.

I've never had a cat that kept getting caught on things.
"one of those cats" sounds about right to me! I keep all my boys' claws well trimmed but Radar is always getting stuck in things, it's not because his claws are longer than Sonic's or Jacob's - it's because he's always blinking well sticking his paws into things that the other cats leave well alone!

The most recent example was that he was on top of a kitchen cabinet trying to catch a fly and got a recently trimmed claw stuck in a tiny airbubble hole in the plaster (render) in the corner where the wall meets the ceiling. I had to use a stepladder to reach him and hold him still with one arm and a blunt screwdriver with the other hand to gently enlarge the tiny hole in the plaster to free him.

Part of his problem is that he has poor perception of risk and an overabundance of confidence and curiosity, the main part of it though is that he has small feet and narrow claws - much narrower claws than the Oriental boys - so is more likely to get them caught somewhere even if they are trimmed back short.
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Thanks for the responses everyone! It's good to hear that Belle isn't the only one that this happens to!

Nails will be cut once a week and hopefully whoever said Belle will keep her claws out of there from now on it right!! She is just one of those cats, I think. Always looking for trouble.

If it happens again, I'll keep my composure and refrain from touching her until I have an actual solution to the problem! She was very good today and could have bit me if she wanted to (she didn't, although she was making the motions as if she were going to).

Thanks again!
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You know Radar's problem is because he's part Rex! They get themselves stuck in the oddest places...I know

Cute story you'll enjoy (Devon rex). The cat was trying to get a piece of food that fell in the garbage disposal. Somehow the imp got himself caught IN the disposal and could not get out. They had to take the entire thing apart to rescue him.
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