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This is my problem......

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I have two die hards, Spook who is my alpha cat and only male. and Mama, who is his mama, and is the oldiest. I have had them for 4 yrs now. I just got in February a kitten, whom I adopted, she was around 3or 4 mos old when I got her. Her name is "G" Grace. My mama cat hates her! Spook and G love each other, they chase and play rough. but when Mama comes they want to play with her, and she hisses, and runs and hides! In June I took home a feral kitten, whom had a crushed leg. My G took her in like she was her mama! Which was awesome! But my Mama cat hates her too! Now G and Patches
play, chase, and anytime they get near my Mama cat, she goes off on them!
If shes inside, she hides under my bed, if G finds out she will go and try to get under the bed . Well Mama, claws at her, hisses and runs to the door wanting out! G thinks this is great I guess, she can't wait to do this again and again, even after I have told her NO!!!!!!!! and removed her from the situation! But then I have seen Mama and G stop and snif each others noses
when one was going out the door, and the other coming in! I praise them when that happens! Then I have seen Spook, chase Mama outside, she acts so scared of them! I think they think it is funny so they do it again and again!
what if anything can I do for Mama to let them in! I tell her all they want is for her to play! They just want to play with her!
Mama was once a feral cat, whom I trapped and ended up taking home with me! she is a precious doll but she doesn't like any other cats period!
If I leave during the day, I like for my cats to be inside, and if she knows that they are all inside she will not go inside! Because she has been inside with them all before and as soon as I returned home and opened up the door, she is there and bolts out like they have traumatized her! I don't know what to do, any advice is greatly appreciated!
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It is not uncommon for older cats to be intimidated by rambuctious youngsters. Generally speaking, older cats do not engage at the same high level energetic play as the youngsters. They would rather sit and enjoy a patch of sun on the rug, or take a nap without having to worry about being ambushed by an over enthusiastic kitten.

I recommend that you have one room set aside for her, and that when you go to work, that can be her sanctuary. Make sure that it's a room that has a window to look out of, environmental enrichment, food, water, litter box and a comfortable bed. You may want to consider turning the radio on to classical music for her.

You want to make sure that she is OK with having a sanctuary. This can't be a punishment for her.

Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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Thanks so much, now why didn't I think of that? lololol! Have a great day!!
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