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One of my kittens have a eye infection I took her to the vet who gave me some stuff to put in it I have deen useing it for 4 day's and it is not getting any better! In fact it is getting worse!She has no fever and is eating and playing,and I have been putting grapefruit seed ex.in her food and water,for 3 days.I called the vet back and have a app. at 12:30 today,what do you think about this? I am getting worried! Thanks sherral46
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I have a question, what is the medicain called the vet gave you, is it a liquid or an ointment?

4 days sometimes isn't enough to see an improvement!

I ask this because with Asim, his eye had to be treated, and we went to one vet and they gave us this liquid stuff to put in his eyes 2 times a day, it only made his eye worse and his eye would actually leak this faintly red colour liquid after applying the medication.
I called the vet back and he said sometimes that medication (the liquid one) can actually further irratate the eye, and not heal it!
He told me to stop using it and come in and get an ointment for free of charge.
So I did, and after using the ointment it cleared right up!
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4 days is not enough time for it to clear it. If it is a viral infection (which it usually is) it does take time to get better. You are doing the right thing to take the kitten to the vet to be seen. Again, it depends on what is causing it, in order to determine how long it takes to clear it up. Sometimes it is just your vet being a detective and giving you certain medications to find the one that will work.
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Thank you, I will let you know what the vet says later.Anglezoo it is a ointment.
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I am back from the vet's. she said the meds. haven't had enough time to work and she put her on amoxi drops[amoxicilln] also,said she will start getting better soon. Thank you Sherral
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Just a note. Thomas got an eye infection once and spread it to the other cats. I was given ointment for Thomas, so I though it would be OK to use on the others. I was wrong. They all had upper resperatory infections when I got them from the shelter. However, Arutha had herpes (not a sexual disease in cats), and the ointment had cortizone in it. This reacted to the herpes virus, and made his eye swell even more. I had to rush him to a 24hour vet, and he ended up getting a different ointment (after a thorough eye exam). I just thought I'd let you know, in case you encounter the same problem.
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Thanks thay all have been checked.
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All kittens are doing much better!
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Glad to hear it!
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