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Ginger may lose his toes

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I took my poor injured stray, Ginger Tom, back to the vet today as I was concerned that his foot was still swollen and mis-shaped. And the vet said that now some of the swelling had gone he could see that the poor boy has fractured two toes and htey are just dangling there. He has also already lost one claw and possibly part of a toe. The foot is still infected so he is back on antibiotics, and once that has gone they will make a decision as to whether to amputate the broken toes, as the fractures will not heal now - the bones are simply completely broken and his circulation may be affected in them if they are left where they are.

So Ginger has another problem to deal with. And he was such a good boy and allowed the vet to remove the crusts that had built up on the pad and to manipulate his paw without a murmur. More and more I cannot see me ever letting this boy go, but today my father left the doors open with the result that there was a mingling of cat populations and a dreadful fight. I just do not know how they could ever mix. I am really looking hard for a good home for him but no-one is prepared to take him on.
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Oh that is heartbreaking!!!! I wish I lived there.... I would take him...or my boyfriend would...
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I would take him also but live way to far away. I hope he will be ok.
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I'm sorry about that! I hope he feels better soon.
I also have a rescued stray that has to be kept away from the others. It's an awkward situation, isn't it.
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Oh Jenny! And he is SUCH a beautiful boy!

No possibility that a slower introduction would work?

Do you have the room to keep him isolated if it comes to that?

for your poor Ginger's toes.

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That poor boy ....... he has certainly been through it. You know even though he is being such a good boy right now, he does have an infection, along with probably having some sort of pain. I wouldnt judge at this juncture whether and intro will be good or not because right now, his smell, Im sure is not a positive one to your bunch. I would wait until he is completely healed and feeling better and then take the intros very slow.

Hugs to you, Jenny this must be a lot on you, your kitties and Ginger.....sending positiive vibes to you all
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Awww poor baby,i'll pray.
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Maybe your vet could help by putting up a "cat for adoption" sign in his office.
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I have signs up at the vet and the local pharmacy, where the two ladies who run it are real animal lovers. I agree that we have to wait until he is healed and possibly operated on till anything can be decided, because he is not his real self right now, and he could be better or worse behaved when he is recovered. Till then I will keep him isolated ( he is actually with the two kittens I have left and who are waiting for their papers before my daughter takes them to the UK). When it is just me here with them it is no problem but the guest room is in that wing of the house and my father just does not understand about closing doors. However that will be resolved at the end of the week when my parents leave. Ginger and the kittens get on fine and are company for each other, which is a relief for me.
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I'm just reading this now Poor boy.

Jenny have you a supply of Feliway there as well?
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Yes, I use Feliway and Rescue Remedy, but to be honest, I have never found they make much difference unless it is in a closed environment like the car.
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