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I have a friend who's best friend and constant companion is Holly, his guide dog. Holly is a 5 yr old Doberman who has been his eyes for the past 3 1/2 years. On Saturday morning, Holly was diagnosed with Wobblers - a neurological disease that affects the dog's gait. It is caused by a compression in a vertebra in her neck. The poor dog looks like she is walking the ice covered deck of a ship in the middle of a hurricane.

The vet retired her from service. So now my friend has to make a hard decision. He is trying to find a retirement home for her. But he also realizes that she may not recover and so he would have to help her over the bridge. Either way, he can't bring a new dog into the house. She loved to work and if she sees another dog go into harness, it would break her heart.

The reason for this long posting...I'm asking for healing vibes for Holly and coping vibes for my friend. He hasn't stopped crying since Saturday morning.
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Vibes for all concerned May Holly recover Does the vet think this is treatable?
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How awful : (
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Oh no

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Oh my goodness that is just so very sad, for both of them.
Sending so many healing vibes for her and comfort vibes for him
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Thank you for the vibes. They have unfortunately decided to help Holly cross the bridge. The only treatment is extensive surgery followed by living with a brace on her neck to prevent the disc from moving again. She will never go back into a harness, and he can't put another dog into a harness because it would break her heart. She will never be able to run after squirrels or birds again. It will cause her too much damage.

Thank you all again. My friend told me he has felt calmer about the whole trauma and better ready to make the decision.
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for your friend that all goes well. may Holly pass peacefully
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I'm so sorry it's necessary, but it does seem the kindest thing to do for Holly. May she have a safe and peaceful crossing, and RIP. Many for your friend, as he sends his companion on her way. It isn't easy for anybody; I imagine it's even harder where a bond of that sort is involved.
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I am so very sorry. May she pass peacefully and my he have peace, too.
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