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T&Ks Last night in Germany!

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So its the kitties last night here in Germany, i am pretty nervous and scared about their flight tomorrow although i know nothing bad will happen i am just afraid because they are my babies and they have never been on the plane before. The worst part is they will be flying over 26 hours.

They wont be sedated they will have their last bit of food tonight as they aren't allowed to eat in the morning.
I know soon it will be all over and that i hadn't needn't to worry!

Lots of cuddles and kisses and play time for tonight, i took the night off just for them as i felt they needed me at home, they had a stressful even at the vets today as they had to get these weird things done but they are ok now!
Will take pics tomorrow and hopefully put them up by tomorrow.

Just thought id give you an update, will give you further updates when i get to Melbourne next week.

Have a good day!
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I have a friend that is German and moved to the Us with her cats and it went well exccept for her. She freaked on the plane and will never get on one again.
The pets were fine.
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Hope your kitties make the flight okay... And hope that you don't freak out too
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Sending many for their flight, try not to worry or they'll pick up on your nerves.
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Lots and lots of vibes that they arrive safe and sound
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