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Rabies Vaccination Reaction

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Cleo had a rabies vaccination this afternoon and since about after one hour of it she has been racing around the house, panting and hissing at my other two cats

The other cats had their rabies shots and were fine so I dont know what i can do for here.

she wont let me near her or if she does wont let me touch her

I cannot call the vet until 2moro morn now as i am living in Saudi Arabia so they have no emergency numbers etc

i hope she will be ok soon i do think i remember being this way b4 after one of her vaccinations and she seemed to calm down after a bit

but if there is anything i can do for her please please tell me i cant see any of my cats feeling like this
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I am sorry I have nothing to offer in advice. I wanted to say I hope she gets better. The only thing I can think of is what you are already doing. If you can keep her in a separate room away from the others and make sure she has litter box, food and water. Is there an emergency phone number for your vet or another clinic that you can try to ask what to do?

Another thought is after a vet visit the cats pick up scents from the vets office and they smell different. Others may react because ot the scent change.

If she has reacted before to vaccines, then that is more likely the case. Sometimes if they do not tolerate vaccines (even rabies vaccine) the vet will document this in their record and not vaccinate anymore. Worth asking the vet if that would be an option.

I hope she is better soon.
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sadly because i travel with my cats they have to have rabies shots in order for me to get them into countries

however cleo seems better now she isnt racing around or hissy or growly now, she keep scratching but not excessively

i gave her some water and she had that and she had eaten b4 the reaction had set in so i think she is ok

once i am settled where there are better vets i will ask them about reactions to vaccines as all 3 of my cats have had it wid some vaccine or other and i cannot take it as it breaks my heart to see any animals uncomfortable in any way
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hmmm ok she being a tad hissy now

oh well if she not ok by 2moro i will call the vet

i am sure she will calm down coz she doesnt seem as nuts as she was earlier running around panting and growling/hissing etc
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I am glad she is better,
I lost my Lucy because of a shot years ago.
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she upstairs in bed under the blanky now

she is letting me pet her so i will keep an eye on her and give her TLC
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I am glad she is better.
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back to crazy behaviour again, running around n growling

*sigh* :o(
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its morning and she is all ok

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I'm glad she's ok. Next time they are due ask about the Purevax Rabies vaccine. My cats with histories of reactions didn't have one with it. So now that is what I make sure the cats get for their rabies vaccine. It is required by law where I live, and you will get a ticked, fined, etc if you don't vaccinate for rabies.
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cleos been fine but i went out and came back and notice her skin is twitching and she is licking herself a lot and when the twitches come she bolts off


what is happening to my poor baby? i had this reaction with my other cats but not with a rabies vaccination and both of them twitched and were very uphappy for days and i used to up all night with them

but how can the same kind of reaction occur with different types of vaccinations ???
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It's possible that it's something common to all vaccines such as a preservative.
I thought I was allergic to lidocaine, but I've had several doctors and dentists tell me it's more likely I'm allergic to the preservative. Maybe there's something similar with medications for cats?
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once i move to bahrain will ask the vet there what the issue is

anyway cleo is fine now....hope she stays that way since i am moving nxt week!
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