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Ever heard of these symptoms?

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Yowling (LOUD), drooling and panting.
Kinky has done this a few times before, only since we've moved and he's about 7.5 years old. Everything is fine and then all of a sudden I'll hear a yowl/howl and he'll be laying down panting and drooling and yowling like he's gonna die. It happened again today and I found some poo where he had been. Weird. I thought they were anxiety attacks but now Im worried its some sort of seizure. We already have vet appointments tomorrow so I'll be asking them about it. Im guessing they'll want to take a blood test. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there anything I should ask my vet?
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It does sound awfully like a seizure, what with the combination of howling, drooling, and loss of bowel control. I don't have any particular advice but definitely talk to the vet about this, epilepsy does occur in cats and this definitely needs to be investigated. Good luck with the appointment
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The advice I'm going to offer is based on my personal experience with identical symptoms.

If Kinky were mine, I would have a complete physical examination and full bloodwork completed. If he has never been tested for Feline Leukemia (FeLV), that should also be done. If he has had the FeLV test in the past, but has never been vaccinated for FeLV, the test should be done again.
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My cat Lucy had seizures, but she never once yowled or panted. I also had a dog. Josie, with epilepsy; again, she never yowled or panted. The yowling sounds as if Kinky is in pain.

If Kinky were mine, I would have a complete physical examination and full bloodwork completed
I totally agree, and I'd ask for xrays as well, especially of the abdomen.
I hope it's nothing serious. Sending loads of vibes to sweet Kinky.
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Well I called the vet to let them know I wanted to get more stuff done. I might hold off on the hormone shot now (for spraying) and wait for the blood work to come back. I guess I'll do whatever the vet thinks is best. The blood test will check organ functions and I think Ill probably have a leukemia test done too, just to be sure we cover everything. I dont think its something that requires an xray, I think the howling is more a panic thing. I think thats what the panting is too but I really dont know. The weird thing is this never happened before I moved, and its happened three or four times now in the last 9 months. Thanks for the vibes
Oh, and he's totally fine now, he ate a treat and is sleeping in a sunbeam (Aww)
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Stormy did that and her kidneys were gone and I lost her.
She did not howl though.
She would throw up and pant and drool once in awhile.
My Cat with seiziers never panted or howled.
She would go to th bathtoom when she had them.
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My first thought is either having eaten a bug or some other poisonous object.
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^Repeatedly over the course of nine months?

Maybe something else in the house. Does the cat lick or chew on anything? Carpet? Walls? Door or window frames?
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No, he doesnt nibble the lead paint or seem to do anything unusual. It just seems to happen out of the blue.
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Well, I was thinking possible cleaners or something spilled before you moved in, too. Hopefully whatever is going on the vet will listen to you, do the requested tests, and find the cause.
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Well I just got back from the vet, blood tests are normal, negative for FeLV & FIV. My blood pressure might be a little high, they told me $35 for blood work and I ended up getting charged $60. Grrrrr.

Anhow, everything is normal, he said it probably is anxiety.
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$60 isn't so bad. I think I've paid $89? - $90 ish for a cbc and something else.

Short of another vet, all I can suggest then is just pay attention and see if you can find a pattern. What set's Kinky off and if you can prevent it somehow.
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I wouldnt mind the $60, it was just a bit of a shock.
I think it must be anxiety, so far I havent found any sort of pattern, but I'll be keeping a close eye on him.
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Just a thought. Do you have any plants in your house as many of these can be poisonous to cats.

Also, $60 isn't expensive for a blood test compared to what we pay here in the UK. I've just paid another £77 ($150) for a blood test for my cat who has thyroid problems (not responding well to treatment unfortunately) and that isn't the most expensive blood test either. That is £130 ($260 approx)!
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My cat has "yowled" before just randomly in another room of the house - usually when she wants to get out a door. She has also yowled and panted when in the car on a trip (anxiety) or at the vets office (anxiety). She usually drools at this time too because her mouth is open from yowling and panting.
I would assume your cat is stressed - wants to get out of where he is.
He may be stressed from the move and surroundings. Where do you keep the litter box and food? Perhaps they are in places your cat does not like. Cats usually go in places other than the litter box when they are not happy.
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