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Abandoned kitten?

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a friend of mine has told me she found a little kitten under her front door steps and it doesn't seem to have a mother. The kitten, she says, appears to be shivering and does small spitting sounds when she tries to touch it (Could it be hissing?), though it accepted food from her. She says the kitten has blue eyes, so I think it may be pretty young or that's just their color.
I haven't seen the kitten for myself, though, I don't live anywhere near her and she told me this by e-mail, so I'm afraid I don't know much.

Help would be appreciated!
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It may be a feral (wild) kitten. If it's small enough, it can be taken indoors and tamed. It should be taken to a vet pretty quickly, to be sure it is healthy, to be wormed, treated for fleas, etc.

And yes, even extremely young kittens will hiss and fluff themselves up if they are frightened.
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