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Wow, I didn't realise so many pirates were still about!

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We're holidaying in the Seychelles, which is off the east coast of Africa, and does a lot of tuna fishing.

A lot of boats have been attacked by pirates this year, and apparently it's getting out of control. The pirates have taken over an abandoned port in Somalia, and are attacking boats with rocket launchers and the like between Somalia and Yemen. They currently have 10 boats hostage at this port, and are asking huge ransoms.

There's a lot of French and Spanish tuna boats that have Seychelles as their home port, and they're all retreating here while the French undergo emergency international talks trying to figure out how to deal with the problem.

Yesterday there was about 3 fishing boats parked out in the waters. Today we've been watching more boats coming in (my aunt lives here, and is on the water), and there's now 13 tuna fishing boats, and one trawler out there. My aunt said they see them come and go, but they rarely park out there, so this is a pretty big deal.

There's a couple of stories here and here.

And don't worry, I'll have PLENTY of holiday photos once we get back, so far we're having a great time (and it'll be even better once I finish this assignment!).
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The pirates have attacked one or two cruise ships, too. The cruise ships fended them off with a "directed sound" weapon.
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I watched a show last month about pirate attacks in the Caribbean and off the coast of Africa, as well as by the Philippines. I had no idea there were that many pirates still around!
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Wow, I had no idea pirates were real
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lol who did you think i brought 2 ak-47's off of when i lived in indo? lol
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I wonder what they would say if you went out and asked them in Pirate Speak if they know Captain Jack Sparrow
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My mum wondered if they looked like Johnny Depp

There's now 21 tuna boats, a trawler and an oil rig!
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hmm no they don;t.

the had police/army look. but most of them looked dirty, missing or black teeth.
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To be honest, I never really thought that pirates still existed! I feel like a dummy now

Pity Captain Jack Sparrow isn't out there....
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