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Reocurring sore paw...

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Mogget is my 11mth kitten. A couple of months ago she started limping on her right paw so we took her to the vet, some antibiotics and a course of streroids later she is as right as rain, put down to a bit of cat litter stuck in her paw. 6 weeks later however I notice the same paw limping biting it etc. Took her back to the vet and gave her a steroid injection. Now only another 6 weeks on the same thing has happened.

I really was thinking of getting a second opinion. We have been to the same vet for YEARS and one of the family blame him for the death of their dog Winston as all he did was give hm steroid injections, turned out he had cancer and was probably curable well at least prolong his life. We on the other hand have had no problems.

He told us that it could be Cat lukemia??

Does anybody have any ideas? I'm worried about her.

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I'd get a second opinion. Even a recurring abscess could be very serious in the long run.
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Mogget is booked in for a second opinion on thursday.
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...We on the other hand have had no problems.

He told us that it could be Cat lukemia??

What you've described sounds like a problem to me....

It's incomprenhenible to me that a Vet would simply say "It could be cat leukemia"....there is a very common, simple test for Feline Leukemia. If he thought the cat might have it, why on earth not suggest running the test????

(Also, that's the first time I've ever seen/heard of limping on one paw being a symptom of FeLV.)

I think you intuitively know that you should find a competent Veterinarian.

If it were me, I'd look for a feline-only practice...even if it were not nearby. If that's not possible, perhaps the list of recommended Veterinarians on this website will help.
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^^ On thursday Mogget is booked into The Cat Clinic in Edinburgh and deals with nothing but cats. sorry should've said that but yes I think a different vet is needed.


I'll let you know how she gets on. :-)
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Just to let you all know I got my second opinion. The outcome of which is Mogget has what is easiestly described as cat exzema. The Vet did give it a very fancy name 2 names infact which went over my head.

He said he would treat her just the same with a steroid injection and gave us shampoo for her foot (which is goign to be fun to He said that it is something which she should eventually grow out of if not it is manageable.

I feel alot happier that it's nothing serious.
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Oh good! My kitty has been limping a little lately, maybe he has the same thing??
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Have you tried changing brands of cat litter? I had a cat with the same problem and it turned out once I changed litter, the problem cleared right up.
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The bad news about most litters is that most have various chemicals applied to them, either after production to improve their odor, or during production for that reason and to change their color, clumping, or whatever.

Just like everyday chemicals we humans contact, a few cats will have a sensitivity to almost anything you might add.

An example of this is the food at McDonalds. They say that ANY ingredient they add to their food will probably kill about 12 people per year, because they sell so much food to so many people, a certain number are bound to be sensitive to it.
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