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I miss my kitty...

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I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section.

About two months ago my sisters and I found a stray kitten who was in a terrible condition. We nursed him back to health and he made a full recovery. My 5 cats did not seem to like the new kitten at all, so I knew since the beginning that we would not be able to keep him. He is a very special cat. Now my whole family loves him, even my dad who never liked cats.
The problem is that I gave him away yesterday, and I am really worried that he will miss me and my sisters, and that he will be sad and won't adapt to his new home. I called his new owner and she told me that he looked scared and was hiding under the couch. I know this might seem dumb but it makes me feel terrible. Like I said, he is a very special cat. Very intelligent and curious. I feel so guilty. It's completely absurd as to how badly I miss him and I completely regret giving him away.
Will he adapt to his new family? I feel like I just did something terrible and I'm worried that he might get depressed. He's about 5 or 6 months old.
Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

Sorry for the bad English.
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If you read through the messages here, you'll find it's not unusual for a cat to hide when it is first introduced to a new home. Sometimes, it helps for the new owners to keep the kitten restricted to a small room, like the bathroom, along with its food and litter box. This reduces the stress on the kitten, and helps it to learn that it is safe and where to find what it needs.

If they don't chase the kitten around, just ignore it, it should get over its fear quickly if they are not mistreating it. Cats first need to feel safe, then they need to explore their surroundings.

You did not do a terrible thing, unless the new owners are terrible people, and that is always hard to know.
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I know you will worry, but try not to. Any cat/kitten that goes to a new home will take time to adjust. Its very rare a kitten will instantly be ok. It may even take a week or so to be more confident.
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All 4 of my new kittens took like 3 days to FULLY settle in .. but in the past i have had kittens taking like 2 weeks to settle , ask for photos when he is settled in this will enable you to see him settling in ect.
Jess x
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You are an animal angel saving this cat and finding a nice home. Do you trust the new home is safe and kind? If so, let it go..you could not keep him so he had to go elsewhere. Tell them to call you if he does not adjust and if that is the case try and make it work at your house.

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This Is the same reason I kept my 3 kittens, I knew I'd feel miserable living life with out them. Eventually I just decided It was better I was happy with them, than sad and guilty with out them. Rebel use to to act the same, she would hide under my bed or In the closet, but now she will jump In my lap just to fall asleep. Or cuddle on my pillow near my head and purr all night. She's about 3 years old, and she got use to me. Give the kitten time, he's young, and going to be timid. Specially If all his life you raised him, and now your know where to be found. All animals have a comfort zone, for the longest time he found It In your family. He will regain his comfort with them given time and patience.
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I know exactly what you mean... I own three cats, and the only reason we kept all three of them is because we got attached to them so much, it was impossible for us to give them away.

I'm sure the cat you've given away will adjust to his new home, it will take some time, but meanwhile, so you will feel better, keep in touch with his owner, to make sure everything is o.k, and if you are certain you gave him to good hands, you have nothing to worry about.
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