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Easter present!!!

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My hubby got me the coolest Easter present- they are waiting at the pet store for me to pick them up Two sweetie pie guinea pigs!!!!! Theres a mom piggie and her daughter

I had guinea pigs in the past and have missed having them around- they make the best pets (second to cats of course )

So I'm getting to work on making a nice big cage for them today, and want to have everything set up before they come home. The pet store people are nice enough to keep them there for me until I'm ready.

So, now I need some cute names for the little piggers. Suggestions?

I'll post some pics as soon as I get some.

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How about.....

Kermit and Miss Piggy
eep and meep

Ok, that is all I can come up with at the moment, but congratulations on the new additions .
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Can't think of any names...

I like eep and meep though, that's cute.
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Congrats on the new additions! I don't know about names, though . . .
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No name help from me (sorry!), but I can't wait to see pictures!
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When I was a kid, our neighbours had a guinea pig named Kokomo, which I always thought was a great name. I don't know why. But every time I see one of the little piggies, I think of that name.
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Well, so far it looks like it may be Daisy and Lily My 7 year old daughter really wants to name them and she LOVES flowers.

I think its going to cost me about $40 to make them a HUGE cage- 5' x3'. I'm making it out of coroplast plastic and wire mesh.

I'm SO excited! I want to go get them today but nothings open and they've got no cage yet
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awwwwwww I love guina piggies!! they are So cute!!!
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How fun! I've never had guinea pigs(my family doesn't like animals, I only got my kitties after I got married). Post some pictures when you get some!!
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Good to see you again! That was so sweet of your hubby, I can't wait to see pics!!!
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Congrats! That was sweet .

Might be trite, but... how 'bout Pitter and Patter?
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How Sweet of him.. I'm anxious to see pictures
what about Sweetie & Kandy?
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I'm going to pick them up on my lunch break tomorrow. I'm SO excited!!! I've been in to visit them nearly every day since hubby bought them, and now the cage is finally done.I bought a big D -shaped kiddie pool and fixed it up with wire mesh to make it kitty-proof- they have about 16 square feet to run around in!! I have to pick up some piggie food, hay, and lots of veggies for them at the store and then I'm officially ready!

I've decided on names for them- the mom is Karma and her little one is Kismet

I'll post some pics as soon as I can
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Hope you have fun with them. I used to have two tortoiseshell guinea pigs - they were really sweet. The swimming pool sounds like a great idea, and "Karma" and "Kismet" are just right.
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Thanks I just love those names- they seem to fit so well together

I've been fussing over the cage all morning, I'll never make it til tomorrow!! I want them home now!!!
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