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Do the laws of gravity apply to cats??

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I'm curious, do the laws of gravity apply to cats?

Yes, she has a weepy eye. Yet another herpes outbreak, poor girl.
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I don't think they do! Blue and Piper do this on the back of my desk chair too. Sometimes I forget they're there until I stand up, and the chair reclines back with a "thunk". They have yet to fall off though, so I believe this balancing-on-a-tightwire trick is an innate feline skill.

Poor Molly with her eye troubles. I hope it gets better soon!
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No i don't think it does. My kitten used to do that too - balance on the most precarious places available, and still manage to look very comfortable
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She's so graceful sitting like that! She's probably thinking "What?!"
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"McCavity, McCavity,
Defies the laws of gravity..."
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Mine are like , this .. sit on the shelves right on the edge , back of the sofa.. cooker.. alsorts , curtain rail was the worst :O:shock:
Jess x
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my siamese is like that too! she actually jumps to the top of doors and will lay there until we take her down. we don't like that she does this, we are worried about her hurting herself! she is 11 now! one time she jumped up to the bar in our closet, walked to one end and TURNED AROUND and came back, all on that tiny bar! gravity does not have an effect on her, only on the things that she knocks down as she walks along the edge of things!
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OMG he is soo cute, he looks like he has a mustach, too cute My cat Lucas does the same, he cat stand and sit in places that are almost impossible.
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Molly looks so relaxed on the back of that chair! She's such a striking girl.

Annie does that too, but she goes one further. She chases her tail on the back of Earl's chair.
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Molly I love that pose
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Gravity applies to my cats... especially when they try to walk across my keyboard when it's not all the way on the table. Both go tumbling...

and they are a bit clumsy with jumping sometimes...
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My cat's a klutz too... it does apply... at least to Hennessy.
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