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A Man and His Dog

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I heard on the news this morning that a man came home to find his apartment building in flames, he ignored the police and fire people and jumped onto his balcony, broke the patio window and got his dog out. They then arrested him for vandelism and endangerment. I can't believe it. I would do the same thing for Max. My neighbors have keys to my house and I told them if you see anything like smoke coming from my house, please get my cat out. At least open the doors.
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I think most of us would do the same. Hopefully he'll get a pet-loving judge.
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:censor::censor::censor:! Vandelism on his own house! He can damage what he wants in his own house, and he was endangering himself, no one else.

I would do the same thing.
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I would, too! I hope he doesn't get convicted. Would they arrest him if it was his child in there??? Pets are just like kids to most people. To me, at least.

Well, one day, a man got locked out of his house near where I used to live, and was trying to break in with by picking the lock. A neighbor saw him and called the police, not knowing it was him. The police arrested him for attempted breaking and entering. He actually had to go to trial for it, too, even after he proved it was his own house!!!
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I would too. But then again suicide is illegal as well, as stupid as that is.
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There's a little-known point of law: at a fire, the scene technically "belongs" to the fire department. For the duration of the fire, it becomes the FD's property and even the owner can legally be kept out. This is to protect civilians and firefighters.

Odds are, these charges will be dropped, though. They usually only prosecute, when someone gets hurt.
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I didn't know about that part of the law. Anyway, I would have gone in too if my cat was in there. Hopefully the charges will be dropped.
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I just saw the video of this incident. He was in and out, in seconds. He was cited for disorderly conduct. That's a misdemeanor and will probably be dropped.
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I saw that on the news this morning, thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard for him to get arrested for saving a life, I would have done the absolute same thing. Im glad he did it, its worth having to be arrested or whatever to save his dog. Maybe they will think about it and drop the charges on him. To some people animals are just animals but to some they are members of the family, and its devastating to see something bad happen to them. I would hope that someone would attempt to save mine if they were in the same situation.
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I would have too! that is crazy, you can't just leave your pet in there.
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How crazy! My pets are just like children to me. I would have done the same thing. I hope the charges get dropped. I'm just sorry that no one else on the scene could sympathize with someone loving their pet that much.
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Who wouldn't do that for their furry?
I hope the charges get dropped, coz thats redicoulous !!!!!!!!!!!

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We've got a sticker in our front door window from the SPCA that says "in case of fire, please save pets". I've actually had nightmares about that sort of thing... coming home to see the house on fire, running in to get a collar and leash on the dog, then running downstairs to get the carrier and trying to get 2 cats into it! (both our cats are indoor pets, and the one time the female got loose and ran outside, I came home and found her. Normally, she's off in her corner, but when she saw me, she came right up to me and let me pick her up, with this "oh thank goodness it's you! my hero!" look on her face she hasn't made any attempts to get out since! )
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Firefighters will not risk human lives, to save pets. If the pet can be rescued, safely, they will do it, though.

My ex and his partner were searching a burning building, for a child. When they entered the room, where the child was, his partner grabbed the kid and started out. My ex did a quick sweep and saw a kiten on the windowsill. Since the child was safe, he stuck the kitten in his turnout coat and got out, too.
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Any news on what happened to the man?
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