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New kitten vs. Resident

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Just brought the new little guy home, my 7 month old resident cat seemed very interested in the new guy, sniffed him through the cage and didn't make a peep.

A little after the new one came out, Yuki the Resident started hissing and batting at him, and now he's mad at ME! He keeps turning his back on me and flattening his ears when I try and give him love.

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Actually, it's best to separate new kittens/cats when brought into the house. Cats are territorial, and the resident kitty needs to get used to the idea that there's another cat around, and the new cat/kitten needs a little time to adjust to the new place, new smells, new sounds, new people, etc. Being in a separate room for a few days/weeks (depends upon the cat) helps give them time to adjust so they don't feel completely overwhelmed, and helps create a "safe space" they can retreat to when you do open the door.

Here's a good article on introducing new kitties: http://www.thecatsite.com/Behavior/4...cing-Cats.html

I'd go ahead and separate them, at least for a day or two, if you have the space to do it (even a large bathroom works). Let them smell each under under the door.

Wipe new kitty all over with a wash cloth, and put it under resident kitty's food dish. Do the same for resident with new kitty. This will help them associate "good things" with each other's scent.

Give your resident kitty extra play time - this will help work off stress. He's mad right now, but he'll get over it. Give him extra treats and love. You can also take another cloth, rub it all over new kitty, and after a good play session with resident kitty, put treats down on the "new kitty" scented cloth.

Give it a little time, let everyone have some space and time to adjust. They'll probably end up being best buds.

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I feel bad for new kitten though, he's mewing and mewing to get out and play : ( He doesn't like being locked up in my closet.

**Don't worry, I have a medium size walk in closet and he has everything a kitten needs**
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it's okay. Don't feel badly. Yuki is just teaching the little one who is the big boss! Creating boundries. It's a good thing.

Be prepared for the smacking to last a while. My cat Fiona still smacks Rocko and it's been 7 months. But they are also grooming each other (a little) and I caught them sleeping on the couch inches apart.
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They're getting better together

...as I typed that the new kitten Neko plopped down right next to Yuki on the couch and Yuki is still purring away...

I think that answers my question.
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Sasha snacked Oreo when I got her and now they are friends.
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