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Laundry Room Rant

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Our apartment complex has 4 washers and 4 dryers for over 60 apartments. I needed to do my laundry today and all 4 washers had just a little bit of clothes in them. They were finished but the owner had yet to remove the clothes. I waited 30 minutes and went back and they were STILL in the washer! At that time, I removed the small amount of clothes from 2 of the washers and put mine in to wash. I put the wet clothes on the dryer. When I came back 30 minutes later, they had finally put theirs in the dryer. I knew it took about 45-60 minutes for the dry cycle. I waited over an hour and went back to the laundry room. They were finished but still in the dryers! I then waited another 30 minutes and went back. They still hadn't removed them! I knew that since the dryers were big, I could put the 2 loads I had in one dryer, so I unloaded one of the dryers and put the dry clothes on the dryer again. I went back an hour later. The clothes were STILL on top of the dryer and mine were dry. I got mine out and brought them to the apartment.

Some people just don't have any consideration for other people. I try to not use up all the washers at one time. The washers and dryers are big and the small amount of clothes that were in each washer could have been put together. And if not, they could have gone in the same dryer or two! They were using the same temp for all the dryers.

To top it off, on the last trip to the laundry room, I slipped on some water on the sidewalk and fell. I am not hurt since I fell on the most padded part of my body... my booty! But it adds insult to injury so to speak.

This is just the reason I like to go to the Laundromat instead of the laundry room here. But I didn't since I only had 2 loads to wash.
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Some people can be so inconsiderate

Can you maybe leave a note for the management letting them know that this has become an ongiong problem....perhaps they can talk to the residents or send out notes....something to remind them to be mindful of the other folks that need the washer/dryers.
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That sucks - and it really seems weird to only have 4 washers/dryers for 60 apartments.

Too bad you can't have your own small washer/dryer in the apartments. Even the local laundry places have far more then 4!
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I'm so glad the people in my building are on time with their loads. We have 12 washers and 12 dryers at out disposal though for a 7 story building. There is one family though that I've seen take up over half of them once because they had about 8 kids. O.O I keep a timer for myself to remind me because to be honest, I'm not that great on timing myself to remember.
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We had the same problem before we bought our House.
My Husband would wash at 6 A.M. just so we could get a machine and even then they would be all taken.
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same thing happends here except we only have 3 of each! I just get there and if their stuff is done I wait 5 mins and then take it out lol I dont have time to wait for lazy people and if I were running late with my laundry I wouldnt expect people to wait for me either
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I feel for you!

My building has 1 washer and dryer per floor for 10 apartments. For the first 2 years that I lived here I did much of my laundry by hand because I could never get into the laundry room. Between my shift work and the laundry room being busy when I did have time to get in there...

I was lucky if I managed to get the laundry room once every 2 weeks.

I found out that the woman who was living next to me at that time was the one who was monopolizing the washer/dryer. She was not only doing her laundry, but her son was bringing his family's (his, wife, and 2 kids) laundry over for her to wash too. So she was in there morning to night 5 to 6 days a week!

I finally got fed up and went and bought myself a portable apartment size washer and dryer. The washer pulls up to the sink and attaches to the faucet. I regulate the hot/cold water using the taps. The dryer is also small, and is not vented to the outside. I did buy a venting hose to attach to the back but that was more to allow the heat to move away from the wall.

Now I don't have to worry about the laundry room anymore. And now I can do small loads of laundry.
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