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I hurt my Wrist

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I tripped and hit the wooden part of the chair hard adn now my wrist is purple and swollen on the right side. The pain is going up my arm and down my finger. Anything I can put on it to stop the pain and swelling.
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Put ice on it. Do a google search, but essentially you need to keep ice on it the first 24 hours.

If there is any direction it hurts a LOT to move it still tomorrow morning, you need to go to the doctor or emergency room.
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oh no!


Elevation is what you need along with a trip to the ER or AnE

Have you got a pic of him? then you can determine the swelling .. good/bad after a while.

Keep it above your heart , can you wiggle your fingers , you could of dislocated it.. does it look weird or at a weird angle?

You could of cracked a bone , swelling and pain
possibly a straight break , pain swelling , limited movement

Can your turn your wrist.. scrunch your hand up? if not go straight to hospital.. you should anyway just to get it checked.

Bag of peas and evalivate it in the mean time
Jess x
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I can move it but it hurts.
It throbs alot though.
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Get it checked out , do you have a friend to drive you to the hospital?
Jess x
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I would get it checked, If the ice causes it to hurt more, the doctor told me is a sign that it may be broken. When my daughter broke her arm she screamed when I iced it.
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I C E - you should have put that on immedicately!
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Keep us updated!
Jess x
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Waiting for the Ice to get hard.
I didnt have any made.
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Can you post a pic of both your wrists side by side? i have experiance with different wrist arms injury so it could give a good indacater for what could be ip with it
Jess x
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The Pics arent coming out good that i took.
The pain isnt as bad now but you can tell its swollen.
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how is it at the moment?
Jess x
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Even if you are out of ice, a frozen package of veggies or something similar will do.
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Its a little purple and hurts alot less now.
it will be ok now.
its still swollen a little.
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I'm glad it's feeling better, but I would still get it checked out if possible. Even if it's just sprained, it probably still needs some support.

For future reference, always keep a bag of vegtables in the freezer for anything like that. We prefer peas because they are small enough that they will conform to the body for max effect. Just make sure you lable it as "ice pack" or something!
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I didint relize I have a bruise by my elbow also near where it bends.
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It hurts alot today but I am using the comp with it.
I will try to post the pics of the bruise today.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
It hurts alot today but I am using the comp with it.
I will try to post the pics of the bruise today.
Jacky, elbows are sometimes the worst place.

I always keep peas and corn in my freezer just for any time I need ice. Way easy to use and they don't leak. If the peas get warm, put on the corn.

It is not funny to hit your funny bone.

Is time for the heating pad and Icy Hot?

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My Elbox has a bruise but its ok.
My Wrist is what still hurts alot.
There is a bruise where the swellin was.
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You really should go get it x-rayed to be sure its not a fracture in there!
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If money is an issue - think of this. If you leave it and there's a break in there, it heals wrong, then later you could have a lot more problems with it. If it could be fixed at all after healing wrong, that would probably end up costing you a lot more.

Go, there's no point in toughing it out.
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Its better today now because I tried not using it yesterday so I wil not need a Dr. Its purple but all the swelling is now gone. It also hurts less now.
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I still PERSONALLY think it needs a lil check up..
Jess x
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Here are some pics of the bruise.

Its better today.
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Well, you can't tell much from bruises...but that looks an awful lot like the bruising I had when I broke my wrist.
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The bruising is less now and I did push on it just now.
There is no swelling anymore.
What part did you break?
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I broke the radius, the big bone, right where it starts to narrow down.

I don't even know what I hit with it. I fell down a flight of stairs with my luggage in the train station in Stockholm, Sweden, and when I got up, I had a cut on my head and a painful wrist which eventually turned out to be broken.

If you can't move your hand upward and downward or side to side as much as normal, it may well be broken. The worst it can do is heal in an abnormal position.

I wore a brace on it for 6 weeks, and the doctor (and all I have read) said that it will probably continue to hurt for most of year, and maybe forever.
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I remember your post about that.
I hope you feel better.
I can move it now but the pain gets bad sometimes.
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I just got to thinking about something. I've fallen a lot, landing on wrists, shoulders, and pretty much anything else one can land on. I've even fainted and taken a hard fall with an extra 4' of height added to my fall because I was standing on something. Nothing has ever been broken.

mews2much - You've mentioned having problems with anemia, correct? Has your vitamin D level ever been tested or tested lately?
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I do not think that has ever been tested.
The last Anemia test was ok but it has been awhile.
I do not Bruise like before when the Anemia was so bad.
You are lucky you do not bruise bad.
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