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Feline Fresh Scoop cat litter

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I've always wanted to switch my kitties to an earth friendly cat litter. I've tried WBCL, pine pellets, Swheat Scoop, and recycled paper, but always ended up with the clumping clay for one reason or another. I'm slowly transitioning my guys and gal to this new pine scoopable called Feline Fresh. I loved the Feline Pine smell and I'm hoping this new litter will work. It's pine but chopped up like clay texture and scoopable, which I love. It's has more texture than the sawdust FP scoop. Has anyone tried this litter before and tell me what you think of it?
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No, we are using the wood stove pellets. But let us know what you think of it (and more important - what your kitties think of it)
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I'll keep all who is interested in touch with my transition to Feline Fresh scoop. The guy at the pet store says it's new, they just got it in last week. So far, I put in about two cups of FF and the rest about 2 inches of clumping clay. It has been a week and the cats are using both boxes. I 'm going to add another two cups tonight and see what happens. I tried this slow transition with WBCL ,and someone peed on the floor after the second day. I think we are off to a good start.
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We are at about 75% Feline Fresh and so far so good. I think I'll make the big move this weekend and fill the entire box with FF. I guess not many have tried this stuff. I like it because it's good for the enviornment and it has a nice woody smell. The clump are not firm like Dr.Elsey scoop clay, but I felt guilty about the clay mining and how that is hard on planet earth. The one major plus is that one cat had a weepy eye, and since I've switch his eyes are SO clear. Another cat would sneeze alot and now dosen't sneeze. I guess they may have been allergic to the clay stuff ,and I didn't even know it. I really like this stuff. I hope it dosen't become discontinued since not many cat owners use it.
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I have never used it or seen this brand.
I swiched my cat to the tidy cat breeze litter pan a month ago which
has no clay litter. Like you I tried all the different ones,
but what a mess. My cat was allergic to WBCL and developed
rodent "lip" - Fat lip. This has been my solution to the imperfect
world of "cat litter." Good luck. The Breeze litter system is very enviromental
friendly with very little waste going to the land fill.
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I've heard really good things about Tidy Cat Breeze. I'm afraid to try it since I have one cat that is picky and I don't have alot of money or time to experiment. If I find one for free maybe I'll try it out but I like to stick with what works. Thanks for the luck
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I've successfully switched! I have one problem though. While cleaning the cat box this morning, I felt something poking my side. It was then I noticed it was a splinter poking me! Has anyone had this problem? I know not many use this brand , but with other pine litter. I read a couple of blogs about this specific brand and type and no one mentions splinters. Maybe it's something that dosen't happen often. Anyway, If anyone has suggestions or advice , please let me know.
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Like you, I've tried many of the earth friendly brands and always go back to clumping cat litter for one reason or another. I'm sticking to it now. Personally, I liked the WBCL better than the FP Scoopable because the latter was just a nightmare at tracking. It smells nice, I have to agree, but I couldn't stand litter bits everywhere.
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I got a bag of it last week in advance of needing it for this weekend (finishing off the pine pellets)....and today is the day I think! My cats don't need a transition, especially from the pellets, which they use but are less than impressed with the covering ability (they spend 10 times longer in the pan scratching than they used to). Plus, they're really really used to no transitions. I have such good kitties!

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes. I got the small bag, with a "free sample" coupon which I need to send in. I have also started to scout out places I can buy it from. So far only one store in the area that I'd go back to...we'll see if I can find something closer.
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I hope Feline Fresh works out for you. I'm really glad you found a place that sells it. I only know one pet store in So. California that has it. Let me know how it works out for you, I'm curious if you and your kitties like this litter.
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week one update:
The litter is not producing smell at all, and I like the actual sent of the litter itself better than feline pine (more pine like imo)
It clumps ok, not as firm as worlds best cat litter, but not bad either.
Sifting is much much better than feline pine clumping. It falls through the scoop 10 times easier because of the granules.
Tracking is moderate, I'd say just as much as clay litter would track. I vacuumed around the area twice this week (with my dust buster)

I'll let you know after the 1 month is up (that's when I dump, sanitize and replace) what the final verdict is.
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Good to hear it's working out so far. We are still using Feline Fresh and as long as my cats use the catbox ,we'll continue. I really like this stuff. The only problem is that not many stores carry it. I went to the pet store that sells FF and they were out of stock. They said theyll keep it in stock for me. Luckily, I still have a half bag left. I'm curious to find out how it works for you after a month. I find I have to do a complete change after 3 weeks.
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My cats will only use "Jonny Cat Scoop", which is a fine sand-like texture. Sometimes their quality control falls short and the product isn't ground up as fine as it usually is and looks more like the chunked clay litter. My cats don't really like that. I guess it hurts their little toes.
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I had to switch back to Precious Cat. Right now, I'm at half Precious Cat and half Feline Fresh. They were using the cat box fine with FF , but yesterday I cleaned catboxes and complete litter change and two of my three decided they won't use FF and ran from box to box meowing loudly. I went to see what was going on and Smoky kept running in the box sniffing and running out to the other box for about half an hour. I wasn't sure what that meant until Captain started doing the same thing. My girl cat ,Shasha used the box just fine , but the boys didn't like it and decided to keep meowing and running like the house was on fire. I then put in a few scoops of Precious Cat over the FF and then they both used the catbox and went to sleep. This morning when I went to clean the box I noticed alot more activity then it has been since I've changed a couple of months ago. I guess I should just stick with what the cats like.
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That's too bad! Mine are still using it fine and seem to like it better than the pellets. The tracking is there, but it's not unmanageable like the feline pine was and my boyfriend is much much happier (smell wise). I'm also noticing it's lasting about twice as long as the pellets did...which I like.
I find it funny how picky cats can be, but I'm glad you found a compromise between you and the boys My parents can't use natural litters at all, because one of their cats starts pooping under the family desk when they've tried it. Some people's cats eh?
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I'm glad it's working out for you and your cats. I REALLY like Feline Fresh, but my two cats think otherwise. My girl cat could care less as long as the box is clean she'll use it. I'm going to stick with half and half. It is a compromise since I was so set on using a natural litter. My 7 year old son says the cats don't care about the enviornment and to put my feelings aside about this issue and save the planet other ways. I think he may be right.
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well, final verdict on feline fresh:
I finally dumped the litter to sanitize and refill the box last night. It has been a month and a half since I started using FF.

No dust
less tracking than feline pine clumping
nice pine sent
clumping = less litter used than pellets (by about half) and easy to clean between changes (sifting the pellets was time consuming)
great smell reduction
not clay = good for the environment

tracks like a fine clay litter might.
need to go to specialty stores to get it
Price is moderate-high

To combat the tracking I use a dustbuster around the litter pan once a day and of course have a litter mat too. I am starting to see it move throughout the house, but to be honest that's because we haven't vacuumed thoroughly for about a month now, so no fault of the litter.
It's relatively easy to find in canada- Pet value and some Paulmacs carry it
While it is more expensive to begin with, I found that I used very very little of it in general and would consider it a savings as a result.

Overall: I will continue to use Feline Fresh, as it has been approved by myself, my boyfriend (the king of "that stinks!") and of course Chester and Dynah-Bear. Really loving it for our apartment!
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I have been using pine pellets ( enviro litter ) for 5 or 6 yrs now..I had a diabetic cat that used to pee tonesss.....with the scoopable clay litter he would walk outta there with cement slippers all the time I had to switch....he is gone now and I never went back to the other litter....I find with the pine there is no smell ....and I scoop out whats needed but change the whole thing ever 3 to 4 days....and it works fine for my 5 cats...of course I also have 4 litter boxes...But thats interesting about using the stove pellets.....if its safe and they are not treated with anything that would be something I would do...since I pay $ 15 for a 20 pound bag and I am sure I saw the stove pellets for $ 8 for 50 pounds....interesting
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