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We have a bully

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In our 5 cat household, most times 4 of them get on pretty well (one stays in the bedroom, away from the others). Most times. But sometimes Mojo just decides that she needs to beat the snot out of someone, anyone. Maybe she just thinks it's rough play , but the others sure don't. She will tackle Ginger, hold her down and bite her neck hard (like a vampire). She pulled a whole chunk of fur out of Ginger's neck one time. She regularly draws blood with her claws on Trent, Ginger and Annie. Nothing serious, but we feel the scabs on the others especially between the shoulder blades when she tried to tackle them.

Is there anything we can do about this? We separate Mojo from whoever when we see it happen, but obviously can't do this when we're not home.
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We are back to vertical territory. Sometimes there are too many cats for the area. Make sure you have plenty of tall (at least 6 feet tall) cat trees in different areas of the house. They need to be in the areas that the cats like to hang out in... which is probably the areas you frequent. Shelves will work too. The shelves should not be one underneathe the other, but configured in a way that cats can go up and down without encountering each other. It's important that there are always multiple ways up/down the cat tree. Also, if Mojo wears a collar, consider putting a bell on it.

You may end up having to keep Mojo separated from the other cats when you are not around to supervise.

Comfort Zone might take the edge off.
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