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Fried squash?

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Anyone have any suggestions for a good batter? I got a beautiful acorn squash yesterday...does that make good fried squash? I've never made it that way, but my mom used to when I was young. I normally steam or boil it, but DH is craving it fried. He just uses flour, salt and pepper but that seems pretty boring. Any secrets or advise you would like to share?
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I've done zucchini fried. But I've done it the Italian way - sort of deep-fried. I put about an inch or so of oil in a deep frying pan, dip the slices in egg, then flour, then egg again and deep fry them. I usually do zucchini, cauliflower and mushroom all at the same time and leave a bowl of them on the table for "noshing" on. You can also do zucchini flowers if you can find them. I heard on CBC radio that some grocers are now selling zucchini flowers so I guess some folks are catching on to how tasty they are.
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Im not sure what kind of batter you want for squash, but if you want a light airy batter use self rising flour and add water or you could try seltzer water and flour. A good consistency is if you dip your finger in it and it coats it but the excess runs off.
Or you could dip it in milk, flour, egg, bread crumbs, in that order.
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I love squash, yet I have never had it fried. I bake it with butter.
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I would dip it in milk and melted butter, then flour with some spices added or pancake mix and fry it.
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Generally zucchini, yellow, and mexican squash (weird pale green) are used for frying. Spaghetti, butternut, acorn, and the other rounder squashes are used for baking/steaming. Probably because it's harder to cut them into thin slices.

Personally, I wouldn't waste an acorn squash on frying. It has too nice of a flavor, whereas the ones that are typically fried have less flavor to them.
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I usually just put a little water on it after i slice it up and then toss it in some corn meal with salt and pepper then fry it. It's the way my mom always cooks it and it's good. Wanted to also say that we only do this with summer/yellow squash. I'm sure it would be good for zuccini as well, but I'm not so sure about acorn.
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On an acorn squash, I would cut out the top stem, empty out the seeds, and put butter and brown sugar in it and bake it.
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I've been thinking, does acorn squash taste kind of sweet? MrBlanche brought that to my attention. If so my mom makes fried sweet potatoes that are yummy but she doesn't use a batter. She just cuts them up into rounds throws them in oil and frys them until they are done and then puts salt on it when its still warm. That might be an idea. They're kind of like potato chips or fries, I guess.
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I used eggs, milk, corn meal flour and a teaspoon of baking soda and deep fry them
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IMO acorn squash is best baked with butter and brownsugar.

Like mrblanche suggested.
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
IMO acorn squash is best baked with butter and brownsugar.

Like mrblanche suggested.
Acorn squash, in my opinion, is closer to pumpkin than to zucchini, so the sweet side wins out!
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Thanks for all the suggestions! I didn't get to make it last night anyway. I cut open the squash, and it was rotten inside (very brown and stinky!). I was surprised because it looked so good on the outside. But I'm going to raid the garden today because I should have some decent sized yellow squash (if I can find them amongst the weeds!) and I'll try it tonight.

MIL says she just cuts it and dips the slices in flour but I don't see how the batter is going to stick without something wet to hold it on, so I think I'll dip in egg first. Maybe add some italian seasoning to the flour. Wish me luck!
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^ Don't forget a little seasoning salt, garlic, and pepper, too.
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