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OMG, it needs to stop raining

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I know the people dealing with Ike have a lot more to worry about then rain and I'm sorry for that, but it's been raining pretty much constantly for three days. I have a Tri level home, where the basment is a family room, and water is leaking in and flooding the carpet. I went and borrowed my Dad's wet vac to try and suck up some of the water but I don't know how much good it will do. Is there anyone else that didn't get hit by Ike but are dealing with massive amounts of rain?
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I'm in western Illinois and, like you, it's been rainy for 3 solid days---sometimes just a drizzle and other times really hard. The ground is absolutely saturated but thankfully there's no water in the basement (yet). I feel so bad for area farmers; they had an incredibly wet spring and planted late, now that it's time to harvest everything is too wet. Plus, we've got flood watches in effect again.
Good luck drying out your family room.
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Can you send some here. We have a Drought.
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DOn't feel bad, we're getting all the same rain. Fortunately, DH and I showered just after noon because our water went out for a bit. When it finally came back on, there was a local news alert saying that the NW side of South Bend (where we live) is under a Water Boil Advisory. Aparently a water main broke... I don't know where but there's also reports of a broken gas main with in a mile of our apartment complex. So, I'm off to boil some drinking water for us and the kitties.
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Same here, nothing but solid rain for the past 3 days... my rotten old sump pump that vibrates the whole house goes off every 30 seconds...

BUT... it DOES go off... which I have that to be thankful for... my kids call it the 'dragon furnace'

it does rattle the whole house *whirrrrrrr* vibrates under your feet... from the basement... its the pipes vibrating in the walls? dunno... no one I've talked to has ever heard of such a thing...

My mom lives in Texas in a trailor... She'll be going to check on the damage to her trailor tomorrow, she stayed with a friend who has a house...
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