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Scooter riders?

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Someone in another thread about hybrid cars mentioned that they were riding a Piaggio, which is a 3-wheeled scooter.

There are a lot of scooters, from the little ones sold at Pep Boys for not much money to the big Suzuki Bergman, but they all have in common that they are easy to ride (often having automatic transmissions), easily maneuveurable, and very easy on gas.

So, do we have any other scooterists here? Dottie won't let me have one; I've had a lot of motorcycles over the years, but she's gotten afraid of them.
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We have a 2008 Honda Ruckus, 49cc scooter in black. I've ridden it a few times. Mostly my husband uses it, I have a free bus pass for going to college so I don't need it right now. If he gets a motorcycle next year, I'll probably ride the scooter more. Now that winter is coming, we'll be using the car more again.

I really want to take the motorcycle safety course next year. I think I would feel more comfortable on the scooter if I do.
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My wife won't let me ride a Ruckus,
'Cause she's afraid I'll fall on my tuckus.
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My Dad used to have alot of Scooters and my brother did also.
I will ask my dad about them.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
My wife won't let me ride a Ruckus,
'Cause she's afraid I'll fall on my tuckus.
Sounds familiar to how I feel about Josh riding one
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I have a vintage 1969 Lambretta DL (original Italian import manufactured at Innocenti factory). Unfortunately I don't ride it any more because my arthritis does not like the hand operated clutch.

Photos and info here mine is turquoise.
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I would love an old Vespa (as I said before, remember "Roman Holiday?"). I had a cousin who had one in about 1961. He gave me a few rides on it at the time, and I loved it.

I've had a number of motorcycles over the years, but nothing since about 1989. Dottie's Cobalt actually gets about as good mileage as many of them.

My first motorcycle was a Honda Trail 90. I had it for about 6 months, and only had to buy gas twice in that time.
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Scooters are like little targets around here. I live in a military town, and these dimwitted drivers can't see our huge Goldwing, much less scooters.
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I saw this really neat scooter sitting outside the Harley shop on Monday. The reason we were at the Harley shop was because I told my husband I wanted a 1200 Sportster. My husband already has a Custom softail and was thrilled that I wanted to learn to ride beside him.
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