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Survivor is gone!

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My female siamese had 4 kittens and only one survived out of the whole litter. This little dude survived through being attacked 5 times by the male cat, being abandoned in the closet for god knows how long without care from Lilly, being dropped by my roomate, and I will be darned if the little fellow didn't die from pnemonia! He was exactly 13 days old when he passed away. This happened about a week ago. I had been out all day visiting my folks and when I came home and looked in the box I had fixed up for Lilly and the baby I saw him laying on his side with his little mouth open with his little tounge hanging to the side. I automatically started crying and picked him up, he was ice cold so I made a little wooden box and burried him in the back yard. I am okay now but I often visit his grave and put little aster flowers on it. Lilly is doing a lot better now she knows that her baby is gone because before I put him in the wooden box I laid him down by Lilly and believe me cats do cry. It will be okay Little survivor is better off where he is now.
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I remember your earlier posts about Lilly, and I am so sorry to learn that the only living kitten from her litter is now gone! The kitten is now at the Rainbow Bridge where he is happy and healthy, and having soooo much fun playing!!!!
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Adravia, It's heartbreaking that the poor kitten died. I am sending you a private message. You can get your messages by going back to the "Forums," page and scrolling to the bottom left. That's where you click on Private Messages, and you can access your private mail. Many new people don't know about this feature.
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R.I.P.. Thats so sad

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