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Question for Sunday Sept 14th.

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With the secret Santa notifications going out it has inspired today's question.

As a child did you get any specific gift that you have particularly fond memories of?

I think the one that has always stuck out for me was my Andy Panda Bear.
I got him when I was 4 and I still have him to this day. He's a little worn, has had one of his eyes replaced with a button and has had some repairs done where I tried to give him an appendix operation but, he still sits on my dresser and is Sassy's favorite pillow...
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When I was three or four I got a baby doll with clothes and a carriage. I didn't care so much for the doll but I dressed my cat, Kitty-Cat, in the clothes and pushed her around in the carriage. She was such a sweetheart; she even let me tie the bonnet on her head.
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This is silly...but I got a little Santa in a chimney with a pullchain to light him up. I was in first grade at the time. I don't know why that sticks in my memory. I'm talking about something that was small enough to fit in my little hand at the time.

Funny what you remember, isn't it?

Edit: In thinking about it, my brother and I got a marble toy when we were about 10 and 8. I knew its whereabouts until I was in college. We spent many happy hours (no TV!) running marbles down it. This was a hand-made item by my stepfather's father.
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My favorite....not sure, as an only child, there were lots! There are two that stick in my mind came from my favorite aunt when I was about you guys remember the little nurses/dr's kits that were plastic and had all kinds of "medical" things in them? She got all the neices and nephews one of those.......the other, and it might just be my favorite, is the dollhouse and furniture that I got one year, as a matter of fact, is the dollhouse that I'm in the process of renovating currently!
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When I was about 4 y/o my Uncle Joe made me a doll bed. He was a carpenter and it was beautiful; even had a drop side for easy access, and was big enough to handle at least a 6 month old baby. I still have it, sitting in my spare bedroom. And somehow my Aunt Rita, who lives 1200 miles away, always knew how much I loved color-by-numbers sets. She sent one to me every Christmas for years.
Strangely enough, the one gift that sticks out in my mind the most is----a box of Chef-boy-Ardee pizza mix. My folks didn't have a lot of dough (sorry, I could not resist) and pizza mix was a fairly new item at the time. My 3 older brothers and I each got a box for Christmas for 3 or 4 years in a row.
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When I was growing up my parents didn't have a lot of money (dad was out of work for 3 years). Two things stand out in my mind. One was a little oven that actually could bake, but dad said he took the heating elements out of it until I got older. It was filled with little pie and cake pans, spoons, a plastic measuring cup...everything a little baker would need. I used to LOVE making "pretend" desserts for my parents. After I got older, mom confessed that they got everything (including the pans and utensils) at a yard sale for $3.00. I still loved it.

The other one was a set of Brix-Blox. Basically, it was the generic version of legos. I would spend hours playing with them, for years. Mom always said that was the best investment they ever made.
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My favourite thing was getting a stocking in the morning with lots of little toys in We used to get things like snow storms and those packets of paper flowers you put in a bowl of water and they open up and those plastic birds you put water in and blow in their tail and it would make bird sounds.
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As a child I was really fond of horses, and one year just as I turned six I was given my first set of 14 plastic horses with long hair to brush, about the size of the palm of my hand...and I loved them to pieces!

Mum told me a few days ago, that whenever I used to lose one of my horses, I would make her go and find it, even if it took ages And I would sometimes throw a tantrum about it too!
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