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Full Moon

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I woke up at 4:00 and couldn't go back to sleep. The kitties are restless; Sparkle's acting almost feral. I keep hearing the chiming of the bamboo chimes in the back yard, but it's an unusually still and windless night.

A flashlight showed me there were raccoons surrounding the bamboo chimes! I guess they were playing a full moon game. (They also overturned the water for the outside animals and have been known to carry off my husband's flip-flops that are by the back door.)

I tried to get a pic but it's too dark.

Any one else have a restless night?
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I forget what time I went to bed, probably around 11pm I think. I slept like the dead until Chynna woke me up at 6:45 wanting to cuddle.
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I was up till 2am trying to figure out where to put the kitten I found.. becuase she kept screaming when I locked her in my sisters bedroom. So I let her out, but then I had to keep getting up and checking on her since she was loose with my 5 cats and one of my dogs (the other sleeps with me bhind closed doors. also have birds in my room, hence the closed doors!!)

She did well though, so I was getting up for nothing!
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Must have been a night for raccoons. DH was up before dawn and noticed 2 of the cats looking out the back window. He went to investigate and said there were 4 baby raccoons coming up our sidewalk towards the house. They checked out the bird feeders, then headed to the recycling bins, then went their merry way. I leave food out everynight for the raccoons that come around (a bowl of cookies and a bowl of water). I've been doing that for at least 15 years. Unfortunately, the cookies were gone when the babies came around; the food usually disappears as soon as it gets dark.
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I was awake last night until 12:15am, mainly because I was chatting online to a friend But I did find it difficult trying to settle down for sleep afterwards, took me at least another hour...
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So THAT'S why it sounded like a herd of buffalo was tearing through the house last night. I wondered. Night time is always their play time, but I was honestly afraid to open the door this morning and see what kind of damage they did. I didn't even think about it being a full moon, but that would explain it. I thought maybe they found the hidden stash of catnip and were having a party!
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My So, my dog Digs and myself watched the moon come up last night while playing frisbee. It was quite lovely but it didn't look full to me. It looked more egg shaped. Isn't Monday the full moon?
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You're right, of course, I should have said, "around the full moon." And tomorrow's the Harvest Moon, too.

The raccoons also dug a dozen or so holes in the yard. Must have been some party.
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