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I'm new

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Hi there,

First I want to introduce myself and my Siames cat, I live in Texas and I've always loved siamese cats, I've had Kia for two years now, and she is wonderfull. Shes about to trun 2 years soon. She's very intellegent,and smart. She's very talkative, and she could be stubborn at times,but that is what makes her have a great personality, Well I'll talk to you later here's a pic of Kia.


Lizz & Kia
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Lizz, Kia is beautiful! I love her eyes! Glad to have you with us on the board!
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Welcome to the site Lizz! Kia is gorgeous!!! She looks like she has a lot of spunk, just the look on her face.

I look forward to getting to know you and Kia on the board! Jump in anywhere, we'd love to have you join our conversations or start some of your own.
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Hello Lizz and Welcome to TCS ( The Cat Site)
I have been a member for 1 day now !!
and look at how many posting's I have made already.. Impressize eh!
Your Kitty Kia is awwwwww so sweet , I bet your proud of her !!
This site is so addictive and I hope to se more of you
I live in NZ BTW !!!!! Have A Good Night and Please return and join us on our hunt to being super cat is it !? , hehe, Thanks
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Welcome! I love all cats, but Siamese hold a special place in my heart because I grew up with one (had her from the time I was 1 until I was 20 years old!) I love the close-up picture of Kia, I hope you'll visit often and post more photos!
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Thank you all for that warm welcome, I didn't expect so many replies.
Do i post any questions I have about my kitty here???


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Originally posted by jgaruba
Lizz, Kia is beautiful! I love her eyes! Glad to have you with us on the board!
Hi Jenn I love your little baby spike he is so beautiful
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Lizz, probably the best way to get answers is to post a new thread about whatever question you have in the proper forum, i.e. Health & Nutrition, Behavior, Care & Grooming. Just take your best guess if it involved more than one of those issues. We have a lot of experts around here who really only check into the forums where they can be most helpful, so that is where you will get the best advice.
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thanks a lot hidi, Now I know a litte more on what to do. thanks for your help

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Hi Lizz, welcome to the cat site. Siamese are so cool!
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Welcome.I have 5 Siamese cats plus right now I also have 4 Siamese kittens.
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Welcome aboard! What a pretty cat you have!!
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a big welcome to you and Kia, Lizz!!!:flash:
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Welcome to TCS!!! Kia sure is a beauty!!
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