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I Need a Reference Letter

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Yesterday I met with the girl from the insurance agency who is in charge of this work trial program that I'm currently doing with the MS Research Study.

She told me to write up a reference letter for myself and she would sign it. She was dead serious too!

Anyway, I'm not good when it comes to writing up glowing recommendations about myself, so I need help!

Some of the things she told me to include about myself:

excellent with computers
excellent leadership
excellent communication skills

She said to mention having participated with the MS Research Project at HSC, as well as the fact that I was involved with training people to use the data base.

Anyone want to take a crack at this for me?
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I am usless lol
But good that you can get the letter signed soon
Jess x
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I hate when professors or employers ask me to do something like this. Anyway, I would be very specific and give examples of what you did at that job. If you use very generic statements such as "responsible", "conscientious", etc, it's going to sound canned.

For instance, one of my professors wrote about the topic of my dissertation and how the rigorous topic shows how dedicated I am to the field of psychology. She gave examples of what I did over the years. When writers point that stuff out, it shows future employers that they really got to know you.
Does this make sense??
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Are you dependable?? Work well in a team evironment? Detail orientated? Will to learn new skills?
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Do you have a resume? You can use it as a basis for a letter of reference.
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