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Anyone following the series 'Dogtown'?

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It's about the dogs that were recovered from that waste of space Michael Vick's dog fighting kennels. Bestfriends.org has taken on the dogs that the court deemed not possible to rehabilitate into adoptable animals.

Out of the 56 dogs seized i think there's only a handful this came to. I might have mistaken the number but it was either 12 or 4. I just started watching it so i'm not too knowledgeable yet.

There are two great reasons for this show.

1. it shows that nobody has to kill animals (bestfriends is the largest no kill shelter in the US)
2. it keeps the lowlife Michael Vick present in the mind of people. We need to not forget what this guy did and what he's done to so many lives of dogs.

One of the problems with our country (in my opinion) is that people quickly forget bad things. This needs to be remembered. When he gets out of jail his life should be as miserable as the animals he tortured.
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huh, I didn't know there was a series specifically about the dogs removed from Michael Vick's fighting group, I did watch the Animal Witness show about the bust and what happened to the dogs immediately afterward.

Did you know Helen Keller had a pitbull as her pet? and that the dog on Little Rascals was a pit? Even though I know that Pits were made mean by humans, I never realized how much their perception has changed in the 50 years

is this show on Animal Planet?
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Hi Katie,

No it's on National Geographic. here's a link to the show


But it's obvious I'm new to the show. Apparently this is just a short series within the series about the Vick dogs. I guess they do stuff all over.
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hmm, I have to check and see when it's on in my area Thanks for the info!
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