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Post-Neutering Aggression?

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We had our adult male Parrot neutered recently, maybe about 2 weeks ago. I was prepared for behavioral changes, but they seem to have gone the opposite direction than we expected. He's become aggressive and (strange as it may sound) rebellious - first day we had him home, he sprayed every surface he could find. That's tapered off a bit, but he does still spray, particularly when he's just gotten in trouble. He's started showing unprovoked aggression towards the dog (which I can understand, but he usually just avoided her before) and terrorizes our adult female, who is spayed.

What's going on? It's reached the point that my boyfriend wants to get rid of him, because he sprays our furniture and belongings. Our entire house smells of urine, even with all the cleaners. We've spoken to the vet about the spraying and they say it's temporary, but I'm starting to wonder. And if it truly is temporary, how long will this last and will we still have a livable house by the time it's over?
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This is unusual. I might have him rechecked for a UTI and be sure he doesn't have an infection or something first.

Then confine him to one washable room with his own litter pan for a few weeks. I hope he stops soon. I've never heard of this happening to a neutered male.
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I could be way off-base, but the situation makes me wonder if perhaps this could be redirected aggression from your cat being around other animals and/or stressed at the vet clinic (even if they can't see them, they can hear and smell them). I would suggest taking your cat to the vet for a thorough physical checkup to see if there's a physical reason (such as illness or pain) causing your cat to act this way. If he or she doesn't find anything, ask your vet to recommend a veterinary behaviorist, or try to find a feline specialist to ask about it. Your local animal shelter may be able to recommend someone to help as well. If there are no good resources in your area, you may want to find someone qualified for an online or phone consulation.

About redirected aggression:

Find a feline specialist:
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