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Candy, Candy,candy

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What's in your Easter basket? As I was being a Bunny assistant last night and making baskets I think I snacked down half the candy. I like whoppers and Cadbury mini's the best.

I also put alot of Spongebob stuff in to.So share and tell us what the bunny will be bring.
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Mmmmmmmmmmmm Cool Topic
Lollies/sweets and choccie My Fave.........
Sam and Furbubbies ( WellingtonCats )
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CHOCOLAT! Oh yeah!!!! My easter bunny brings me cadburry cream eggs. I wish the easter bunny would bring me a box of Godiva truffles, but I know how likely that is (meaning not at all). My easter bunny would die at how expensive Godiva is.
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We're waiting til Monday to hit the stores...half priced candy! That means we can buy twice as much, right?

My favorites are the Reese's peanut butter eggs, my BF loves marshmallow peeps.
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Well, I don't have kids of my own, but I get my niece and nephew something little each year for Easter. This year I found large plastic eggs to fill. So I bought some candy (mini Kit-Kats and Nerds) and Pokemon cards. I'll stick some of that plastic grass in each of the eggs, fill them will the candy and cards and maybe a couple dollars, and that'll be that!
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I'm not sure if it's the masrhmellow or sugar but together they frighten me. Did you ever see the commericial they have now, where they are all dancing. EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!
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I had some coupons for Easter candy, so we picked up s few things tonight, but Monday is when we will probably stock up for the year! LOL We got Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans, Robins Eggs and M&Ms.

OMG Peeps! From my younger, more party prone days.....try putting Peeps in the Microwave for a few seconds. They start melting like the guys in Indiana Jones! It's really funny if you're about half drunk.
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I will get a SOLID chocolate bunny.
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OMG OMG This is my 100th post and in about 2 hours I will have been an hour for 1 day
Yeah Peeps are VERY creepy
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Originally posted by valanhb
OMG Peeps! From my younger, more party prone days.....try putting Peeps in the Microwave for a few seconds. They start melting like the guys in Indiana Jones! It's really funny if you're about half drunk.
I don't know Heidi, it sounds really funny and I'm not half drunk! I love peeps, especially when they are stale and a little chewy. Although I like them less now that they are available more often (Halloween, Christmas, etc). Part of their appeal was the fact they were only available one time a year.
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My mom STILL does easter baskets for us LOL i'm 24, and my bros are 21 and 17! She normally gives us some goodies and Cash!
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I'm 24 and I still get a basket from the bunny. I think once u stop beliving that's when he stops coming. I have to admitt as I have gotten older, the gifts have gotten better. I had a little kitty tell me this year the bunny was bringing diamond earrings. I love those little kitty sneaks, and that hippy hoppy bunny.
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I splurged today and bought myself a solid Dove chocolate bunny! I love Dove chocolate! That darn little bunny wasn't cheap either...4 bucks for a chocolate bunny is a bit much! I didn't care at the moment was delicious! YUMMY!
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I Cadbury Cream Eggs and Cadbury Mini Eggs. Cadbury makes such yummy chocolate!
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I guess I'm wierd. I love the palmer's hollow chocolate bunnies. I love the chocolate they're made with. I also like Smuckers jelly beans, as I can't STAND the black licorice flavored ones in the regular jelly bean bags.
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Marcy, the only person in all of creation who likes black licorice jelly beans is my mother. They are foul and should be banned from the bag of jelly beans.
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I like the black Licorice beans, they are tasty, I wouldn't say favorite but ok. I mean I named the little black baby Licorice,(it's a hard word for me to spell, I think I spell it different everytime)

I bought the starburst jellybeans, they r good but not worth the $$$, a bit expensive.

I agree the palmer chocolate is tasty, BUT my favorite is Cadbury, too. Have u ever tryed their fruit&nut bar?? It's huge, and hugely yummy.
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Snickers has a new bar, with almonds. I got a couple, yesterday and they pass the chocoholic test. Next to Bill, almonds are my favorite nut!
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Ooh, that sounds yummy! I like almonds too, and brazilnuts. I don't think there are any candies out there with brazilnuts in them.

After peanut butter, my second favorite chocolate additive is coconut. Mmm coconut haystacks....
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HAPPY EASTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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