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Furminator and other brushes

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Hi everyone,

I recently bought the furminator, and it works great on my cats. However, no matter how much I brush them, I can't seem to get them to stop shedding. So my questions are

1. How often should I brush them with the furminator?

2. How long should I brush them?

3. Is there another brush I should supplement it with? (I heard good things about the zoom groom)

Information about my cats.

1. Bengal (obviously short haired ^_^)
2. Moggie (DSH but sheds like no tomorrow)

Also is there a video with proper technique on how to use the furminator most effectively?

Thank you for your responses. I really appreciate it.
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Any animal with fur will shed. You won't stop the shedding, but there are certain times during the year that you will have more shedding.

IMO I would not use a Furminator on a Bengal (or an Ocicat) because their hair is not thick and you can ruin the coat if you do it too much. I only use a flea comb on ultra shorthair cats (like a Bengal).

You can use a fine toothed comb or the flea comb for a finishing one after using the Furminator. I only use the Furminator on our lab or on Ling, who has a thicker coat and I can get more out of her then using the flea comb.

I would only comb the Bengal once a week. If your mixed breed is like Ling with a heavier/thicker coat, every other day should be fine.
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I love the furminator on Kitty, who is a Manx (short but very dense fur). Holly, an Ocicat, gets a regular soft brush cause her fur is short and thinner.

Kitty shed alot more before I switched her food. Keep brushing lightly until the fur is barely coming out. You dont want to irritate the skin. If your cat sheds alot, maybe alternate with a softer brush.
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What are your thoughts on the zoom groom? Is that a soft enough brush to be used daily? Both on the bengal and on the thicker haired cat?

If not is there a specific brand/type you would recommend?

Thanks for the input so far I appreciate it.
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