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Oh the "cop" - all of them actually - are at/going to their real homes in PA!!!!!

They... (pres, vp, secretary even the woman who does the flowers) live in the condos during the summer only and make the rules for the rest of us to live by... its ridiculous and extremely annoying.

BUT in this case I guess its great because the next 9 months will give the cats time to adjust and hopefully when they return will be set in the woods somewhere.... HOPEFULLY.

My bf said he'll even make a winter home for them....
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Oh that's beautiful! The pressure will be off.

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You are doing such a wonderful job with the kitty cats. Cats are very smart and resourceful. Where there is food they will follow.
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yeah im already seeing that!! The one cat that is there every single morning - was always waiting in one particular spot - i just thought that was where he always hung out - but this morning he was sitting near the NEW spot waiting to be fed - it made me laugh to see him there.

I didnt catch any this week for neutering. I tried sooo hard too - gave them almost 3 hours last night and then tried again for 2 hours this morning. Ill have to read "trapping for difficult cats" now on that website everyone sends me too. I was hoping this wouldnt happen - and it frustrates me that I missed a week - so now im a week behind.....

I even tried in my own backyard last night - i saw a couple there in the last few nights. Those cats are so unpredictable - i will start feeding and then 2 nights later the food goes untouched for days... A few nights ago a cat that i never saw before came up to me as i got out of my car - he was timid - but came very close and even meowed a few times - he followed me to the back yard where i fed him - but i havent seen him since.

I also saw THE tomcat (i think anyway - i was told he was most likely the father of most of the cats - dont know if thats true). I had seen him wander hte street for months before i even knew about the others - then he went missing. I saw him last night for hte first time again. I think its him anyway - he has the same coloring. This morning while i was waiting in my car to trap - he walked right past me - there was no food there yet - so I dont know what made him come over - made me laugh again... although I really wanted to trap HIM.
My question about him is - he is FAT!!! Does that mean he could be an indoor cat that someone lets out???

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