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What's for dinner??????

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Is anyone cooking for Easter dinner? I know alot of you are traveling, but I thought the rest of us could share the feast details.

Since we are not traditional in any since of the word, our Easter dinner isn't going to be ham or green bean cassrole. We're having mexican food, you know the whole enchalada(sp?). (funny stuff)
NO really, we're making those and every thing else,mostly everything from scratch so we're starting early saturaday.Plus, rice+beans, spanish rice, guacolemole(sp?), fresh salsa,and refried beans (from scratch, the kind of home made goodness that comes from scratching your #$% while opening the can),plus much more.

But for desert, we're having trouble, I know flan is good but Mom always burns it and the cooks and I don't know how, so I was wondering in the mist of your lists maybe I'll find a good desert.

Can't wait to hear about all the yum-yums.
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I'm not the one cooking dinner, but I thought I'd post anyway. I don't know if it would be considered traditional by anyone else, but we've always had lasagne with a side of meatballs and sausage for Easter dinner. Usually my gram would make it, but she passed away this past fall, so my aunt (her daughter) will be making it. She made it for Christmas as well, and it tasted just like my gram's. I must learn how to make her sauce. We have that as a late lunch/early dinner.. usually around 1:30-2:00pm. Dessert changes every year... so far, we're having a cheesecake and vanilla pie. And the usual vanilla and coffee ice cream. (It wouldn't be my aunt's if there was no ice cream!) Then, later on, around 5 or 6pm, we have ham and potato salad... possibly followed by more dessert.
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Ummmm Mums cooking up a big roast meal I think......mmmmmmmm
Im drooling just thinking about it

Sam and the WellingtonCats
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This year we will be with my husband's grandparents. His grandma is from Sweeden, so we'll be having fish. My family is polish, so we usually have turkey or ham, and sausage (polish of course), mashed potatoes, salad, 4 kinds of pies for dessert, etc.. This year will be interesting.
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I will be cooking ham and sweet pototes w/ brown sugar and mashed pototes.I will be cooking for 5 adultes and 6 kids!
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I bought a ham, yesterday but I'm cooking it tonight. With no kids and not being churchgoers, Easter isn't such a big deal, for us.

I'm hoping to convince Bill to go to the county fair, on Sunday. If we go, Easter dinner will be carnival food.

He's leery about going, though. Last year, that's how we got Rowdy. The Humane Society sets up their RV and brings out cats and dogs.
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I bought a spiral sliced ham, it was on sale and looked really good, although we arent doing anything special. My daughters are out of the easter bunny stuff stage, 19 and 13 so, and the 19 year old lives a couple of hours away now. So it will be just me and my daughter, my husband is in the military and he has to work on Sunday so she and I will probably go to the movies or something.
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we are going to my moms and having ham
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