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Saturday! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

Foggy Foggy Foggy here, barely see across the street. Cool though I love walking to work on foggy mornings.

Heading off to work in a bit, we're going to be short-handed today because I have already received 2 call ins from people who are sick. Oh well Saturdays aren't to busy anyways and I guess I can spend the day answering the phones.

Nothing much planned for after work. Have to stop by the pet store for kitty treats, and maybe the Farmer's Market for some fruit and veggies.

The kitties are good this morning, sitting in the window seeing if there is anything to see..

Everyone have a great day
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Just want to wish to you all people who answer this thread, a good saturday!
ME about my plans,... Just the same agenda of the last weekend!...Plus to watch on TV sunday early morning Monza Race of F-1!
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I'm going to see "Burn After Reading" tonight!
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I am going to go through all my bills and receipts. Party on, yeah....
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Stay indoors, try to stay dry.

Actually, we're only expecting rain and a few gusts of wind.
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I am off to work soon. We are supposed to get a lot of rain today. Tonight I don't think I am going to do anything. I am trying to save money so I will probably just sit home and relax.
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I'm working at 1pm and taking the girls shopping! That will be fun! I love my job, who gets to go shopping and get paid for it!
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Today I went riding and did my first canter without hands It was awesome and I trusted Monty 1000000000000000000000%

After that I went to my nans, and that's it!
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Just got back from taking the car in for maintenance stuff. Its raining/fog all morning and will be that way rest of the day.

DH did the last batch of clothes while I was gone. Will strip the bed and wash that stuff up shortly.
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I just came back from my boyfriend's. He has a role playing game tonight so I will let him have some fun with his fellow geeky little boys tonight and I will see him tomorrow.
At which point we will probably watch The Simpsons together or play a game of "Munchkin".
Yeah, we're both geeks

For me, it will be a day of reading, mostly. I have a 600 page book to read for Wednesday and it's very boring. It's a history of the concept of objectivity in the discipline of history.
I have about 140 pages read and I will try to get to 300 today.
The weather is really beautiful so I think I will go read outside in the park under a tree, with a nice cup of good quality tea to keep me company. It might make the reading a little less boring.
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I was going to go to this event:
AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day Picnic. Invitng all Rescues, Shelters, Dog Item Vendors, Dog Service Reps. and the public. Spots are free! US Customs, PD Canine Unit, Lure Coursing and performance demos. Contests and prizes, kids fun and session on safety around dogs, $15.00 Microchips offered by Pause 4 Cause Rescue, and much more! Come and join us for a fun day celebrating our best friends.
Unfortunately it's been raining all day and it's outdoors, so that was a bust. I just found out the basement is flooded too, at least 4-6" so I guess I will be spending the day mopping as soon as the water goes down.
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Going to work later, not looking forward to that but it sounds better then mopping up a basement.
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Well so far today I have started laundry, did all the dishes, cleaned the kitcken and all the chirlden got baths! Comet (the pup) LOVES the water, but I havnet seen either of the cats in awhile they are pretty ticked off! I must say Flower did alot better then I expected!! I just have alot of cleaning planned Eric is actually home this weekend so I am forcing him to help me! Thats about it maybe take a nap! Nothing too exciting.
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Well today Mom, my sister and I got our haircut, went to lunch, looked around an art shop, got some fudge for tomorrow, got Mom a new pocketbook, had some icecream while my sister had her car washed, went shopping and I got a cute new shirt for Fall, then came home. So no, we didn't do too much!
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Well read the two newspapers then we went to a millwork shop that is selling off excess lumber and picked some up for the remodel and stopped at one of my vendor's and eyed a potential purchase of a commercial lawn mower.

Then continued the work on the ceiling got the third of nine squares done-could have gone faster if college football wasn't on TV!!
Primed some more boards and Neil is working on prepping the wood he got today.

Its been overcast and drizzly all day and the humidity levels are pretty high but temps only in the 60's thankfully.

Just relaxing for the rest of the evening on the computer and reading a book.
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Good evening!

Today I went to work for a few hours, then went to the shop in Moncks Corner to see how Rob was doing on the side job he took in. Took awhile longer than expected, seeing as they were unprepared for stuff, but it was done relatively quickly and the truck worked fine. Rolled our eyes at the gas prices thanks to everyone who panicked on Thursday and Friday (some stations are $3.69 where others are $3.99 and $4.59/gal).

Went to Margaritas Mexican restaurant for date night (where I consumed a 26oz strawberry margarita, which is slowly catching up to me ) and are about to watch Dirty Harry as our movie.
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For me Saturdays been & gone. We had local government elections so had to vote. Came home did some washing because it was a hot day after a week of cold. Afternoon took my dog Tilba to dog training & afterwards had a committee meeting.
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I didn't do a whole lot today.

This afternoon I hung out on the couch for a bit and watched a little tv and played with the furbabies. Tonight I cooked up some dinner.

After dinner I worked on priming the bathroom walls some more so I can eventually paint them. When I was done with that I fed my fish/frog for a while and did a partial water change on their tank.

When DH got home I hung out with him for a bit. About to go back in there to see what he's up to!
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