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Please? Help me quit smoking?

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please. i need help, suggestions, input.

i need to quit, now, before 20 years go by and i am smoking through a
hole in my throat

i need a plan, a course of action!

i imagine my lungs are completely black by now, and i hate being this
dependant on something, something, in fact, that i know is slowly killing
me... i hate over-flowing ashtrays, and ash, i hate smoking outside in
the cold & rain, or the scorching sun, i mostly hate the dependance & health aspect, i think.

and i hate using the word "hate" especially this much, but, i have to
be convicted here.

i feel very nauseous all the time, out of breath, lathargic... i think
i've even lost a big portion of my sense of smell & taste.

i need help here, i've never tried to quit smoking before because i knew
how hard it was going to be, eesh, it's gotta be up there with heroin & alcohol.

i am afraid of failing, and i'm deathly afraid of being a smoker for
the rest of my life.

those of you who have quit, how did you do it? what methods?

those of you who want to quit, want to join me?!
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I just quit in October. I smoked when I was 18 (1994) til I was 19 (1995), then quit for a year in august 95, then smoked from about August 1996 to last October. I just quit, cold turkey. I only smoked in my room and I started thinking about what harm I must be doing to my poor cat, who doesn't have a voice to tell me to not smoke around him.

I don't have any surefire method for this, other than that I just quit. I didn't smoke for a week because i got busy, then I sat down to have a smoke, and it hurt so bad that I only took a couple of drags, then after that I just didn't want to smoke any more. About a month ago I was outside with a friend who smokes and I took a drag off her cig, which just reinforced my not smoking since it was just gross and it hurt my lungs and throat really bad. I also hated the way my room smelled rank all the time, and I probably smelled rank all the time, my cat wheezes sometimes now and I am convinced it's my fault, ash would get all over my end table and sheets, etc., and damn do those cigarettes cost a lot of money--money better spent elsewhere.

Does your roommate smoke also?
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They helped my friend quit. She had been smoking over 20 years and now has emphysemia. But, this website helped her to quit.

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unfortunately everyone i know smokes

everyone except my sister she never started, and i started
when i was 12. so, just about 10 years already...

i dont smoke around my cats anymore, i smoke outside, most of the time :goodbad:

i think it's my fault Cameron smokes, as, i am the one who influenced him,
and all my old friends from high school

but, he's not as addicted as i am, thankfully, i think he could
quit no problems, if he was so inclined, which really gets me hissed!!!

you are right about the $$ it's a horrible waste, especially when you
dont have much. but, i am more concerned for my health, and well-being.


thanks for that link, i'll bookmark it and go through it, i'll let you know if it helps
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Blue, perhaps you should enlist him to quit with you! It would be difficult to quit with him around you smoking, and having cigs in the house for you to access, etc. Plus you could use his support. If he is not into the whole quitting thing, try and find pictures of smoker's lung and such on the net to show him. Email him a few pictures and links a day and if you have a printer, print out some photos and keeep them posted around the apartment.
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I quit smoking ten years ago - my mom died of lung cancer - I had been smoking for 25 years - it was really hard, but I knew I had to quit because I did not want to die at 53 like my mother did. I started working out in martial arts at the age of 40 - I worked out every day, five days a week to help me not want to smoke, not gain weight and feel good about myself. I also bought a new car because without smoking I could afford the payment - if I went back to smoking I would not be able to afford my new car. I ended up with a new car and a black belt and I hate the smell of smoke now.
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yah, he's ready whenever i am! he wouldnt dare smoke in front of me if
i was trying to quit, i think he's scared enough of what he may be in for


but, i think i just may print out some of those photographs for my own
sake that's a great idea.

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wow, i would be quite proud of myself if i were you, and i hope to get
there as well. i have always enjoyed the art of martial arts and have
taken classes in JKD - but, because of smoking, i couldnt do it. i hope
to follow (somewhat) in your footsteps one day, and be able to say the
same things.

gaining weight is a fear of mine, but, i am excercising a lot more now.
so, lets hope i dont go down that road.

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That was one of the reasons I quit - when I got my green belt my instructor called me over and said that I will not pass the next step if I don't quit smoking. I had a really hard time getting through that test - I remember it quite well. Tae Kwon Do did a lot for me and I did not gain wait either.
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i should also add that my father finally quit for
good, 6 months ago, and it changed him drastically, he just turned black...

it's been really hard on my mom, and a big strain on their relationship,
but, she will probaly smoke for the rest of her life, she doesnt want
to give it up, and she didnt even try to not smoke in front of my dad,
which i think made it even harder on him.

he is slowly turning back into his old self, though, i know it's been
on of the hardest things he's ever done. he had no choice, he's already
had a stroke.
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I have tried numerous times, but stress gets me everytime and I go back. I found the patch helped alot, but the bottom line is your will power. Best of luck, we will support you all we can!
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I don't smoke but my dad did for 35 years. one day he just stopped. cold turkey. he says it was a mental thing & though it was hard at first he eventually got used to it. I know this isn't much help, I just wanted to give you another story
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I am too a smoker and I really should not be - my grandmother was a heavy smoker......alas she died December 27th of last year after fighing a terrible illness for years which was smoking related - I should also quit but I know now is not the time for me. I know it sounds stupid and daft and I am sure that people will have a lot to say about that one but I there are too many things going on at the moment that I am not happy about and slowly I am changing that and then I will be happy and comfortable with my life and ready to take on the challenge of quitting. I will keep all the suggestions to quit and I will too get there one day soon. Good Luck Blue!
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This is something a friend of mine did a few years ago: she paid herself not to smoke. She figured out how much each cigarrette cost by dividing the cost per pack by number of cigarettes per pack, and then put that amount in a cookie jar every time she wanted a ciggie but didn't have one. The jar was her vacation fund. If she felt the urge really badly, she'd count the money in the jar to see how many days of beach time were there, and it made her feel like going on with the fight. She taped a picture of the beach to her jar. When she went a whole month with out smoking, bought a new outfit to wear, or some other item for the trip. She had some setbacks, but she eventually went, and her breathing was good enough that she could go snorkeling.
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Bonehead's Mom

i agree, i think it has everything to do with willpower, and really
wanting to quit, i think you have to want it bad. i do enjoy smoking,
i am a smoker, i like smoking, but, the cons just outweigh the pros - if there are any

if you ever want to try again, i will do my best to offer support


that is a good idea, i wonder if that will work for me, i have often
wondered how much i will notice the extra $$ but i think if you are
putting it away, instead of using it for other things, then it will be
like a grand reward when you are past the hard stages, what is that, like
6 months? 6 months till you're in the clear, as far as that goes

i'm told the cravings are with you forever, to some extent.


when you are ready, and want to quit you will. for me, personally, i
have always said to myself, you just arent ready, too much is going on,
you dont need to quit yet, you can wait another year, and so on, i mean
i already quit drugs & alcohol, so, i think i've been using that as an
excuse, well, you quit drinking, and drugs, you dont need to give up
smoking as well...

but, i can use that excuse for the rest of my life if i wanted, it wont
get me where i want to be.

when the time is right for you, you'll know.

and if you need support, again, i hope i can offer it.

and i'm sorry to hear of the passing of your grandmother, i hope she
is in a better place.


cold turkey is not going to work for me, i can tell you that right now!

well, at least i dont think it will...

i dont want to use gum or the patch, but, what my father did was take
pills, you could still smoke on them to a certain point, and then you
have to wean yourself off them slowly - that sounds pretty okay to me

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Blue....I hope you succeed in quitting! I too smoke...so I know what you will be going through...it is so hard to even try!!!!! Good luck to you!!!
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BTW, how's the quitting smoking thing going for ya?
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i am waiting till after my birthday so, next week i have a
doctor's appointment and i am going to start Zyban ? i think - which
allows you to keep smoking till it's in your system and makes quitting
easier. i wish i could go cold turkey, but, i know it would be too hard.


thanks for the encouragement !
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Good Luck - I am also stuggling with the wanting to quit thing. I really like parts of smoking and hate others....so am in a war with myself. I have failed in the past at the patches, nicotine gum. wasted $90 on hypnosis and more on zyban - sure hope I am not hopeless. Am currently in the process of setting another quit date - all the 'experts' say to just keep trying!
I plan on checking out that web site - maybe????????
I just want to go to bed for about a month - maybe that would help?!
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How about everytime you want a cigarette, you go lick your ashtray?
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Best wishes on this, an important and vital campaign! I've no suggestions, but I do offer you moral support through the ether.

A friend of mine, who'd smoked like a chimney for years, just up and quit when his doctor told him he was looking at a serious upper-respiratory infection. Everybody thought this particular fellow was too wishy-washy to handle the discipline of a no-smoking regimen, but he astounded everyone by JUST STOPPING! That was more than 20 years ago and he's not smoked a single cigarette since (as far as anybody can tell).

Well, I smoke a pipe and have done so since about age 16. My only experience with cold-turkey stopping had to do with marijuana, which I'd smoked for about 10 years until I JUST STOPPED! My body informed me one day that enough was enough; and for once I listened.

What you're up against is tough, as you know from having kicked other substances; but something tells me you're up to the task! I think everybody's offered you good, sound advice here. I've nothing to add to what they've already stated from their own experience. But if you ever need somebody to give you a cyber-kick in the butt when temptation strikes, just drop me a line and I'll preach away!

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thanks Joe

i may take you up on the offer of moral support ! god only knows what
i'll be like when i quit next week :disturbed
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We'll be here for ya, if you need to rant & rave!!!
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I tried to quit in January. Cut down to about half a pack a day, then my stress level went through the roof. Found myself snapping at my kids all the time for no reason. Smoking increased to pack a day again, but at least I wasn't snapping at the kids all the time. I don't want that to be all they remember about me....

My aunt told me that when I was really ready to quit, I would. It wouldn't be easy, but she did it and she knew I would be able to when I was ready.

Good Luck!! We will all be waiting to hear that you did it. And then we may think that if you did it, maybe we can too....
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I have been hearing a lot of commercials on the radio lately about a product called Bio Crave. It is supposed to help you quit or at least cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke a day. Supposed to make you feel like you just had a cigarette when you light up and reduce your cravings. I don't know too much about it, only what the commercials say, not sure how much it costs, but if you are interested in trying it I will get the phone number to order it.
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BLUE; Is this the (next week)? when you are guitting? I hope so. I want to say that I am strongly against your taking a DRUG TO KICK A DRUG. . . .

I know what you are going to face. It is not as scarey as you have been led to believe (If you want it BAD ENOUGH) Get serious, you are stronger than you give yourself credit for, young lady!!!!

You come on this site and give many of us courage and strength when we need it; so sock a little of that your own way.

Your best friend right now is learning to breathe. I mean stop, concentrate and take a full (diaphram expanding, lung filling) breath. Oxygen in cleanses your system and defeats Nicotine! Hold that breath as long as you comfortably can and then exhale s-l-o-w-l-y. It will get easier the more you do it; and the more you do it the better you will feel. When you think you NEED a smoke; get up, breathe, walk, pet your "babies" and thank who or whatever you consider God that you are never ever going to NEED any crutches ever again. :angel2:

I have faith in you (and any other member) who has taken the first step by posting to this thread and admitting that you are sick and tired of being a chimney that burns $$$ and destroys lung cells.

I smoked for over 25 yrs. and it was not easy to quit, but it was WORTH IT!!!!!!!

You can e-mail me or PM or MSN Instant Messenger me anytime (any of you). I will praise you, :,lament with you, , or curse you, , whatever the situation requires; but I will always love you.

(I promise you that )

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Oh Darlene! Your post has almost given ME the courage to try to quit! I have smoked for 19 years....I am so scared to give it up....but I know I should.
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Dearest Debby; I know you are scared But are you not equally scared of Loosing 1/2 a LUNG !! orCHEMOTHERAPHY !!! or how about just worrying everytime you get a cold or sore throat in the winter that it will settle in you chest and become PHNUEMONIA !! bcause your lungs are already so clogged from smoking. . . . Do any of these things SCARE you???

Not to mention shortness of breath or shortened length of time you will have with those you love. Let me know when you're
S C A R E D ENOUGH to get serious and I will be here for you. FYI, Did you know that statistics prove that it is easier to quit in spring and summer becuse of the improved air quality and the ability to be outdoors in the helps lift our spirits. . . .?

Let's make this the summer you and Blue QUIT!!! :blubturq:

Remember I do this out of

Darlene =^.".^=
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Well, you've made the hardest step, and that is telling yourself that you want to quit. (I'm still struggling with that step) Okay, I've been smoking, well, most of my life (and I'm only 18) and I have quit twice. The only time I start up again is when I am around smokers. So I think the first thing you need to do is to get away from other smokers. Don't go to restruants that have smoking sections, because even that question "smoking or non" will make you nuts. Then you need to find a way to ween yourself off of the act of lighting a cigarette and bringing it to your mouth. My grandmother smoked kit-kats after she quit. Theres something called the Nicadrol inhaler. You make the same motions, but it lowers the nicotine addiction. The only problem with that is that you're still addicted to the motion. The patch will get rid of the nicotine cravings, but the fact that your mouth is unoccupied makes it hard to use. The gum may taste nasty, but if you use it after the inhaler, it will help, a lot. That was the only thing that could get me to quit. Unfortunatly, I was an idiot and got addicted again. GOOD LUCK! I'm proud of you!
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Dearest Debby; I did not read your thread about "Need to Vent" until I had posted the above; coming down on you PRETTY HARD and QUITE GRAPHICALLY about "Quitting Smoking" I am sorry you are going thru so much right now with "THAT" Primate that calls himself a man. . . . . I will not judge him, but I will tell you to please, try to put your needs first once in awhile. So many of us here LOVE you so much and that is why your husband's abuse hurts us so-o-o-o-o-o. We are desperate to help you, Honey, really we are!!!! If I could I would walk all the way there and B I T C H S L A P-P-P-P-P-P-P some sense into him ! ! ! !

I know you think that "grabbing a smoke" helps calm you, but actually NICOTINE only heightens your anxiety levels in the long run. . .

Just remember that you are a in my book and an in God's eyes. Prayer helps all things and since nicotine addiction is a "Demon Inhabitation" I urge you to take authority over it and to "Curse It" in the Mighty Name and Authority of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Please write or PM me anytime and I will be here for you.

Love Ya, TLK =^.".^=
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