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Bison Killed :(

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This downright pisses me off. If he didn't want the bison on his property he could have reinforced the fence better himself or with all of his money, paid someone else to do it. I would love to have bison in my back yard..but that's just me. He could've even built a fence around his precious sattelite. I can't believe he let people on his property come slaughter the animals and then leave them there to rot and think that it was a good idea...He might have even cut the fence himself and acted like it was the other guys fault just to make more money to let people come hunt them (I seriously hope he didn't). It's sad that the townspeople are defending him.
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Oh yes, that story. Yup, when the story first broke I was fuming, though it didn't say who it was or why he wanted the bison killed. What a jerk! big city rich boys think they can come to Colorado and run things the way they want. Especially in South Park, which is very sparsely populated and is very much like the Old West as far as ranching is concerned. And the people there are also old fashioned - if your neighbor's livestock get on your land, you call them. And generally you work together to mend the fence that allowed the livestock to cross property lines.

And they left dung and hair on his property? Oh NO! Does he kill all the deer, coyotes, rabbits, elk, and other animals that come on his property too?

I hate to tell him this, but if the buffalo want to come on his property, the buffalo are going to come on his property. My father worked with some bison ranches when he was an animal health and nutrition specialist with formulating feed rations that met bison's needs. The rancher he told me about in Wyoming built his fences out of old railroad ties, stacked and secured to over 8 feet high. And the buffalo still broke one of those down because the lead cow wanted to go that way. No particular reason, she just wanted to go. Good thing HIS neighbor wasn't a jerk like this guy!
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I used to live in Colorado and I can tell you this guy does not belong on a ranch. I know ranches are fashionable among the rich but this guy has no honor. What a horrible man.
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Just pointing out the obvious here. Bison are huge, and not even normal cattle are all that predictable let alone a bison.

Should he have shot them, probably not. Did he have the right not to want large possibly dangerous animals on his property, yes.

He should have spent his money finding a way to keep them off his property instead. Now it's going to cost him a lot more.

I'm going to have to agree with one thing, that is a huge waste of meat - which is what these animals are commonly raised for. I doubt the story would have garnered much attention it they were just cattle though.
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I'm just suprised that in colorado they are only required to put three rows of barb wire on the fence posts between pastures. Here in Texas my family uses 4 sometimes 5 rows of it to keep the calves from going through it/under it, and we've had bulls that would tear through 4 rows of barbed wire just to get to our neighbors cows on the other side. Determined things they are. My dad actually has an electric fence on two sides of our property plus the barbed wire because of that lol, but so far it's worked at keeping our bull from tearing it up.

Anyone know if bison are still endangered/threatened even though they are sort of domesticated now? I know for a while they were on one of those two lists. If so I would be all over this man for killing an endangered species. This software developer guy lives in the same city that I just moved to a few months ago , I'm suprised I just now heard about this. I'm wondering if this is the really rich guy that has a house off of a certain major road here that's easy to point out while driving (I know the guy that owns it is a software developer) If so then this man has a ton of money, more than he knows what to do with.
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^ I think that's strange, too. The neighboring pasture has 4 rows on the fence.

I don't think they're domesticated, not exactly. But they are raised for meat. There are some bison ranches around where I live and it's not too difficult to find bison meat. Tastes pretty good too. Much leaner then cattle, and depending on the rancher they sometimes market it as organic. I don't think the bison go to feed lots, either.

As a past thread in here was about - want to prevent something from being wiped out. Get people to raise it in large numbers for food. Bison are also better suited to Oklahoma, as this is part of their natural range.
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Hmmm, I wonder how they have managed to keep the bison behind the fences just outside Lawton, OK. They have been there for 40+ years.
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^ I've never heard of any being loose around here. Whether they be in parks or ranches. I think it might be because people have some experience with Long Horns around here, too.
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