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Anyone else very tired all the time?

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I am always very tired and hve no energy.
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I can't say I am always tired but there are days like today for instance that I have very little energy..I have rheumatoid arthritis is my hands, wrists and shoulders and osteoarthritis in my knees..so when any of those things are acting up my energy levels are very low..

If you feel tired and have low energy levels perhaps a trip to the doctor for some blood work is in order. You may be anemic or have a infection of some kind. At least that would help you rule out whether it is a physical problem..

I find that getting a little more exercise and cutting back on sugar also helps a bit when l feel lethargic...
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100% of the time actually, but that is to be expected from me since I have chronic mono and fibromyalgia,

But seriously, being tired all the time is even more exausting than just being tired! (I hope that made some semblance of scence)
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I have Anemia and Fibro but the blood test is ok right now. I take high dose Iron for the Anemia. I have arthritis and also exercise every day. I had a ferrian that was 4 a few years ago and a fast heartbeat cause by the Anemia.
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It seems like I am more tired lately, not sure why. Maybe I do too much or something!
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You know how the fatigue syndrome is treated in Europe? At least some parts of it, anyway. They increase your salt intake.
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I'm always tired with little energy anymore. I had Mono when I was a teenager but I didn't think that was a chronic condition that stayed with you(Thats interesting maybe that would explain some of it) I do have Hypothyroid condition that I take medication for the last 20years. My meds bring my thyoid to normal so I'm not sure if thats the cause. I am at the end of the change of life and thats supposed to make you tired. I don't know but I do get really burned out the older I get!
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These days tired is my usual condition. I too have rheumatoid arthritis.

And downstairs neighbors that wake me up at all hours of the night with their loud TV.

Most days I don't let it get to me. Others like today, when it's rainy and drab, I feel really tired and stiff.

But on a good note....tomorrow I can sleep as long as I want.
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I should get my Thyroid tested because that runs in my family. My Dad ha meds for it and my Grandpa died from a Heart Attack caused by Thyroid problems before I was born. I am in peri meno also.
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I'm always tired but then again I have Narcolepsy and hypothyroid. It's just part of life for me.
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I used to be until I had a sleep study done and got a CPAP machine to use at night.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I have Anemia and Fibro but the blood test is ok right now. I take high dose Iron for the Anemia. I have arthritis and also exercise every day. I had a ferrian that was 4 a few years ago and a fast heartbeat cause by the Anemia.
Have you had your B12 and vitamin D checked lately? Simple enough blood tests.

Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
You know how the fatigue syndrome is treated in Europe? At least some parts of it, anyway. They increase your salt intake.
One reason this is done is because CFS /ME (and it's called over there) has an orthostatic intolerance factor in it. A high number of people with CFS have OI, NCS, or even POTS. With these often comes low blood volume and low blood pressure. The salt and increase fluids are supposed to increase blood volume and blood pressure.

I can't say it's help my blood pressure and volume any... or at least it hasn't help get rid of any of my symptoms.

I have low energy, and have for years. Blood tests check out fine aside for low potassium, low bun creatinine, and slightly elevated spe albumin - oh and recently elevated liver enzymes. I just figure that going around with a standing heart rate typically in the 130s or so and low BP is enough to tire me out. My body is constantly fighting gravity - It adds a new meaning to feeling dragged down.
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I'm tired all the time, as well, it seems. I do know that having Rheumatoid Arthritis is one cause. People with RA need to get a pretty good amount of sleep - at least 8 hours, I think. I can't remember the last time I got 8 hours at once. But I do usually get 4 at a time at least.

I'm surprised at how many others feel this way!
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I havent had that checked yet.
I guess I should soon.
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I'm tired most of the time but I guess it's do to lack of sleep and too much work. Some days I have to drag myself off my bed. My job is stressful too and that adds to the fatigue, I'm sure.

My doctor told me I have to get more sleep and learn to relax, otherwise I might develop more serious problems.

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I'm tired all the time with no energy. I have all these things I want to do, and I can't get the energy to do them. I have no idea why. I've told the doctors, but they just kind of ignore me.
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I am tired alot! I will be tired for like 3 days and then the next full of enegry. Then tired again the next day.
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Exercise and diet are the key. I feel tired sometimes when I get home from work but then I go down in my basement and work-out and I'm a new man! Also, avoid sugar....it may give you a high at first but then you're energy will be completely zapped. Try drinking alot of water instead of soda pop also. Also, your mental outlook can have an effect on your energy level....try to keep a positive mental outlook.
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Ladies, don't forget to get your iron checked at your yearly checkup. I had low iron at a checkup and put it down to donating blood. But I got more and more tired, and by the next year I was having to nap before work, at noon, and after work, then I would go to bed to sleep. It turned out i was pretty anemic and just some one-a-day with iron really, really helped! Can you imagine, having to take a nap right after getting out of bed?
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I have severe anemia all ready. I have high dose Iron for it. I will post what my numbers were soon.
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B12 is very important. As some types of anemia won't show up when iron is checked, but will when B12 is. This is known as pernicious anemia. In some people it's simply because they're body is not metabolizing it properly, others a nutrition problem. It can be that way with minerals to - blood serum levels look good, but the body can't use it. So sometimes one may have to dig a little deeper.
When one has active inflammation they can become anemic, as well.

I echo what has already been said - if you sleep a lot and are still tired, get tested for sleep apnea.

Water won't help fatigue. I'm not sure where this was heard. I can drink over 2 liters a day and still be tired (I'm on a high fluid and salt regimen.)

Other things to consider. Adrenals and thyroid - several different hormone levels can be off and make a person very tired.
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I'm tired alot too, but I think it has to do with feeling guilty about not making the money I was making at my former job, so I work all the hours I can, which in turn exhausts me, so I have no energy to do anything but work and sleep, It's a vicious cycle.
I found out today that my hubby thinks I work to much sometimes and has never said a word to me... Jeepers, thanks honey!!!
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I know it can be thyroid because it runs in my family. That was checked over a year ago. This is what my Iron was when I found out I had Anemia.
HGB9.111.5-15.0 g/dLHEMATOCRIT32.234.0-46.0 %
FERRITIN222-291 ng/mL
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I was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and I can nap for hours, get up, then go back to bed and sleep a full 8. For me, that's not normal. :/

I'm in the process of the Dr. adjusting my meds based on the typical blood test, but I also have an appt with a holistic family Dr. He specializes in treating the thyroid naturally (or with natural medications) as well as being serious about weight loss. I'm excited to get his opinion on things.
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I've been very tired a lot lately. It seems like if I go to bed by 10pm and get up at 5:30am, I still need a few hours sleep. Then I work all day, and am ready to pass out by the time I walk in the door around 6-7pm.

I had my thyroid tested in February, and they actually never called back about it. They said they thought some level was slightly high, but couldnt imagine it really affecting me. After the full thyroid panel, no one ever called back (unless of course, I didn't get the message because they called the house phone, and I usually dont hear about the messages from the MIL before they get deleted).
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^ Call and tell them to send you the results. You have a right to copies of everything. If your thyroid levels are off it can have serious consequences.
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I stay that way I'm always tired, even though I exercise regurally and watch what I eat very closely.

I recently had a bunch of thyroid tests done and am currently getting my heart checked out for some things though so hopefully when I got back to the doctor they will have some answers for me.

i hope all of you tired folks get better soon too
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I will be gettin another Thyroid test soon.
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^ Make sure you have free T3, free T4, and antibodies tested for. In some people TSH can look perfectly normal when their thyroid is not functioning properly.

Also, for those who have it. Tachycardia, all on it's own, can cause fatigue. I'll be getting another holter monitor the 24th. If it's getting up high enough who knows what the doctor will decide to do.
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I have Fibro also, so I have trouble getting into a deep enough sleep to help my body recharge I guess I would call it. The pain meds also make me tired all the time. Most days I take a nap in the afternoon with Cozmo curled up next to me.

I have clincal depression too, so that don't help thing either.
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