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One Whole Week!

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I did 3 1/2 days of work this week!! Not exactly paid work mind you, but the hours count towards my nursing license! 326 hours more to go!

I was asked today if I would be interested in teaching. They want to train some more people and would like me to take on that task. I said I would like that.

I also asked again about being able to exceed my EFT of 0.8 but was told that I couldn't. However, there is nothing stopping me from pursuing something on my own time

I spoke with the Neurologist (who looks like she's 10 years old!!!). She's really impressed with the speed in which I have been able to pick up the program and get through charts. I told her that I will be transitioning into my job at another hospital and told her that the insurance company won't allow me to exceed my EFT. However, there was nothing stopping me from pursing something privately on my own, on a part time basis on the weekend or evenings. But the hours I work would have to be able to be counted towards my nursing license.

She's very interested in having me continue with the MS Study, and told me to talk to her assistant on Monday and have him look into what needs to be done in order to keep me on part time over and above the hours I am doing with the insurance company, and that she will sign off on anything that needs to be done.

I told her that I am really only interested in the hours, but if they pay me for the extra hours I do, I sure wouldn't say no! So we'll see how that goes. I may actually have a paid part time job. But at the very least I'll be able to get more hours towards my license, which at this point is all that I really care about.

I did the math, and if I work 4 shifts of 7.75 hours every single week without missing a single day between now and the end of December I will have something like 80 some odd hours above what I need to renew my license next year. However, I want a safety net, and if I can pick up every Saturday and maybe 4 hours during the week in the evening, I will get between 32 and 48 hours more per month. And if those hours are paid, all the better, that's $1,400 extra in my pocket each month.
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Wow, you go girl Sounds like you are well on yor way and have a great plan to acheive your goal.
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I am glad you're getting abck into the swing of things. It would be wonderful if you make a little extra money.
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
It would be wonderful if you make a little extra money.
God! It sure would!
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Way to go Linda
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