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Fleas in dog kennel

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My father-in-law keeps a small kennel of hunting dogs (don't worry unlike some hunting dogs they're well cared for). He's having a terrible time with fleas. He's treated the dogs and the ground but hasn't had much luck keeping them away. He sprays the area and within a week or so they're back and in large numbers. I wish I knew what spray he was using so I could post it here. It does seem to work but doesn't last. The ground in the kennels is a hard packed clay (we've lots of that in Georgia) which I know is better than sand or gravel for flea control but don't know if there's something better he could do. The kennel is in a wooded area and I know I'll mention that we need to get some of the vegetation down around the kennel but there aren't any plants inside the kennel. My father-in-law has the means to be able to provide well for his dogs and is willing to try things I suggest to a degree. He's not going to build them a palace but he doesn't want them covered in fleas either so may be willing to do more than most might. I'd like to pass on any suggestions people may have to him so we can get the flea under control. It really is a big problem and any help would be appreciated!
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Along with the 'ground control' have your FIL bring his dogs into a groomer (or he can do it himself) and have them give the dogs a very thorough flea bath. As I said, he can do this himself, but he needs to do it right; Dog needs to be bathed in a good flea shampoo (Best Shot, has good ones, and Zodiak is a decent one, as well...these are simple permethrins). Have him bathe to dogs, allowing them to soak in the shampoo a good 5 - 10 minutes, then repeat the process. Have him get Frontline Topspot, or Frontline Plus and apply that the day after the bath.

The day he bathes the dogs, he needs to, once again, treat the entire grounds; and anywhere else the dogs frequent, such as cars, the home, or decks\\porches.

The Frontline will be the most expensive, but is worth it; Perhaps have him talk to his veterinarian about rotating different flea control medications as well, especially if this a 'common problem' in your area.
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The issue, IMO, is th vegetation around the kennel and the critters it harbors. We occassionaly has problems due the wildlife that runs through our backyard from the park down the street - squirrels, mice, oppossum, foxes, and wild cats/cougars. They can transport fleas, even if they aren't a regular host fo fleas.
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Thanks for the advice. I'll pass it onto him. He does bathe the dogs and generally does a good job but maybe we need to have a day where we do all the steps you mentioned really, really thoroughly. There is an abundance of wildlife in his area. He lives in the country and the kennel is just at the edge of the woods where it's shady and cool.
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