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My precious Snowball passed away a few hours ago. - Page 2

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Rest in Peace sweet Snowball boy and play with the other TCS rainbow kitties and keep watch over your mommy for me please.
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reading this thread reminds me just how special this forum is. the beautiful tributes for your precious snowball are so touching and so thoughtful. for him to be loved by so many will in time bring you comfort.

my heart goes out to you at this most difficult of times.

your brave boy is playing with all his new friends, happy and healthy and waiting for the day he is reunited with his beloved meowmy. RIP precious soul.
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I am so sorry to hear about your cat Snowball May he rest in peace
We have a male cat named Snowball & they looked similar...even down to the stripes on the tail.
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So sorry for your loss Lorie

May Snowball play happily at Rainbow Bridge
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace, beautiful Snowball
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It's a little over a week since I lost Snowball, and it hasn't gotten much easier. The house is way too empty and quiet, and I keep looking at all his favorite resting spots.
I miss him so much!!!!!
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So sorry for your loss. I know the pain you are feeling and you are in my thoughts and prayers..Snowball, look up Lady over the bridge, she is a wonderful girl and I miss her so much.

Mom of the crazy D's, Deacon and Douglas
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Oh Lorie, Sweetie, I just saw this and I am so sorry. I know how much you loved Snowball and some of your past issues you struggled with. My prayers are with you-

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Dear Lorie.........I´m really so sorry...
I can´t believe my friend.......
In the name of my wife and I my deep condolences!
RIP lovely Snowball Meowmy miss you so much..........
Anything that you want to say my friend, I´m here to listen to you dear Friend...
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To each and every one of you who responded here. Thank you so much, your kind words are very much appreciated.
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