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Love it

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Dh has a tin he throws his change into. I told him it was getting a little full, He says so empty it, there is probably only $100 in it. I said what do you want me to do with the money. What ever want . go buy something, give it to the kids I don't care. I took it to the bank this morning. $405 . I think I will probably spend of it on my oldest, she is taking photography this semester, I would like to get her a camera.
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Wow, awesome!!!
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I used to save all my change in a big glass jar, When it got full, I took it to the bank and ended up with like $600 (don't recall the exact amount now). I splurged a little and bought my son & myself some frivilous stuff, and stuck the rest in my savings account.

I should get back into that habit. It adds up fast!

I'll round up the dollar amount in my checking account too, when I write out checks. Before I know it, I'll have like an extra 2-3 hundred dollars in my account! But I pretend that it's not there, so I have it in case of an emergency.
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I found an ad for cocker spaniel/poodle x puppies. $150 I am going to talk to Dh when he gets home. I had one years ago She was a wonderful dog.
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I should count Neil's change tin. I tell him he should buy a new power tool or accessories with this $$.

The bank made an error in my checking account for my business over a year ago for $100.
It was a check deposited to my account in error. Even though I called and explained the situation it was never corrected. However I still don't count that money as mine.
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We keep a 5 gallon jug and it is amazing how much you can save in a couple months. I won a drawing for $100 a couple months ago, and we have been saving our change since March. We empty it twice a year, his birthday, and our anniversary. His boss gave him his plane ticket and $200 for his b-day to go to Austin to check it out, and he will have that change, so I hope he has a good b-day.
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I TRY to save money by putting change, and whatever dollar bills I had at the end of the day. The most I got up to before I ended up spending it was 100 and something bucks! I need to start doing that again. If I put just ONE dollar away everyday..well, thats 365 dollars at the end of the year
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I was really good at this but kept breaking into it lol i should get back into the habbit!
Jess x
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