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My best friend is moving

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Just this week my best friend decided she is moving to Kentuckey to live with her boyfriend (at least this week i think he's her boyfriend- they're always off/on again) . She is moving tomorrow.
I've spent most of the week hanging out with her and spending a litlte extra time with her before she moves.

She moved to Martin, Tennessee for college and then came back home to Memphis about 2 years ago so we've delt with the distance thing before, but it still will stink to not have her here to just go to dinner or hang out whenever we want to. Thankfully though she's only going to be about 4 hours away, so we can still see each other often and we've always got our phones/internet to keep in touch. I just hate the thought of not having her here though- but i think she has a chance to be happy there, so i'm hoping it all works out well for her. I'm also hoping she finds a job quickly (she doesn't have anything lined up yet but i hope she finds something soon.)

Can you guys please spare a few vibes for her to have a safe move/ find a good job? She origionally wasn't going to move until Suday but now they're saying it'll rain on Sunday so she's moving a day early instead.
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I feel for ya! I was sad when I moved to Texas, and left my best friend behind, too (not to mention my family! ). But we still keep in touch all the time!

She'll still be in your heart, and you'll never lose that.

I hope your friend has a safe move, and that all works out well for her!
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Wow, that's fast!! She decided this week and is moving Saturday? Whew!

Lots of good vibes for a safe move and smooth settling in! And for you since your friend is moving away, hugs!

One of my best friends may be moving to Alabama soon.. Her husband may or may not get an awesome job contract out there. If they get it, they'll find out mid-Sep, and leave immediately!! For her sake, I hope he gets it. But for my sake, I don't want her to leave!! So I definitely feel for you.
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I went and helped her pack earlier- and i'm really wondering now if she's going to get it all done in time Nothing was done! So we spent quite a while trying to organize and pack everything for her move.

Her parents will be going to her apartment after she moves to pick up her furniture and take it to there place. (She can't get it all on this trip so they're holding it for her.) I still can't believe she's planning to move tomorrow At least I got to spend a little time with her today though- it was good to see her.

Her lease was up at the beginning of Oct. anyways, so she had to find a place to move to soon- so she just feels like the timing is right to go ahead and move. She's moving so soon she said so she can get a job there quickly (hopefully!). I'm still not sure how well this is going to work out since her and her boyfriend are soo off and on again- I have a feeling she may be back in town to stay within a few months....but I do hope for their sake they can work on things and be happy together. If that is where she wants to be then I will totally support her. I'll definitely miss her though!
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I feel for you! My best friend wants to move up North to San Fransisco to go to college and leave me!! Its only 2 1/2 hours away, but we see each other almost every day and gas is just too much to visit him very often.
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i am leaving three of my best friends to move to Australia, even though i have one there and she is happy that i am returning, i am sure going to miss these ones. I will only be able to visit them once every few years
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