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I'm in the four digits -- Woohoo!!

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I made it to 1000!!! YEAH! Four digits, baby!
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WOOOHOOOOO Congrats!!!!
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You must be an addict!!!

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Big Congratulations , I think i have made about 10 posts so far
1000 is really a good number , I'm so happy for you
, Sam ( WellingtonCats )
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Yep! I'm an addict, alright! LOL
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Wow, Viva, you're amazing!
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Way to go Viva!!!! Happy spamming
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testing something....................
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testing again...
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WOOHOO!!! Congratulations Viva!!
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Thanks guys!!
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Congratulations! That was fast, you sure do talk a lot Keep spamming.
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HAHA I am getting there This is a great site with great people , Thanks for letting me join

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Viva, you know you posted about reaching 1000 at 5:23 p.m. my time. It is now 10:06 and you have 1054! That's a lot of posting!

And check you out Sam! You've already got 85!!! Well on your way to being a serious addict!

There's no help for Viva, she's full blown.

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HeHe Thanks This is a greattt site Its so fun
Im totally addicted
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Wow, I didn't realize it was that soon. Shh! Don't tell Alex, he already says I spend too much time on this site! LOL
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Happy Easter Ya'll
Love Sam and Captivating Cattery
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congrats!! I better start posting more or you are going ot pass me
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