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Mine come to the door, but ever since I got Da Bird, Riley immediately runs to the closet wanting me to get it out for him. He spends most of his evening there as well. Silly boy.
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Nova waits by the door and meows at me. She leads me to the litter box or to the food bowl if she needs something, but mostly it's time for petting.
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Shareena is usually lying in the dining room window when I drive up. She follows along until I get past the window and by the time I get to the door she's there waiting. Shareena and Miss Patchwillow will both have their noses pressed against the crack of the door just waiting for their chance to make a dash for freedom, which is not allowed. If I have anything in my hands it's nearly impossible to keep them from getting outside. The first thing they do is roll around in the dirt. When I finally catch them Miss Patchwillow drapes herself over my shoulder and Shareena curls up in my arms to be carried like a baby.

Goldy hangs back a little until I'm in the house with the door closed, then wraps herself around my ankles. That lasts all of about 10 seconds until she bounces into the kitchen expecting to be fed. If it's not mealtime she keeps winding around my ankles until I pick her up. She never tries to go outside like the other kitties. (Been there, done that, have the kittens to prove it )

If they're awake the babies come running to jump on my feet. They can't jump much higher than that yet.
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100% of the time, heyu will be sitting in the window, followed, with normaly cats 2-3, will come running and get in the window, as i pull up.

followed by running to the door, and sitting there.
followed with heyu spending about 5 mins yelling at the top of her lungs at for me being gone(this starts before i even get in the door). i have to rub her head to get her to shut up. followed by easy and blackie who both want some pets.

lol my grandmother once said, i guess she told you. haha,

broni could care less, if am home or not .
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Larry (formerly feral) has his usual sleeping spot during the day, and I've left him for a neighbor to feed a couple of times since I got him, so he's sort of suspicious of the door opening. He won't come out unless he hears my voice, so I come in and start calling his name and speaking softly. He'll come out right away when he hears my voice, and then he'll flop down and roll over and look at me, as if he's saying, "Pet me now. It's been a long day. I deserve it."
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dylan the collie is always at the door acting like a complete loon when i come in.

shinobi will be on the safety of the stairs but will follow me everywhere until he gets fed!

milo will be on the sofa or on my bed and won't get up until i go to him.

tabitha is usually on the dining room table and meows at me to come to her too!
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Mai Sai will run up to me as soon as I walk in the door and then flop down on my feet
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My little Eric runs up to my and nibbles on my hands as I'm untying my shoes as if to say "Love me and feed me or else...". Marie will sit in front of me and will not move until I pet her. And Meezers will start doing figure 8's around my legs trying to trip me. Once he succeeded and I quickly had 3 cats lying on me, purring their hearts out.
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