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How do your cats greet you when you get home?

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My little monsters are funny. I always come home excited to see them. But when I walk in the door, no matter what I do, they scatter and hide. They are scared to death. Why in the world is that? I've never so much as raised a hand to these guys. EVER.

What's funny though is if I'm bringing in groceries about 30 seconds after the scatter they scramble to jump on the counter and see if I got them anything.

Wilbur sits in the window too. he sees me coming up the walk, and gets excited.....then runs when I walk in

How do your cats greet you?
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They all run downstairs and start play fighting with each other.. best of all , after college if i am tired , the kittens know and snuggle me on the sofa till i lay down with the four of them and the dog lol great aye!
Jess x
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Every day when I get home one or both are waiting for me looking out the bottom part of the French doors. Sometimes Stan is napping on the bed, but he wakes up as soon as the door opens. They both go immediately to their respective scratching posts and have a good scratch ...then they both run underfoot straight into the kitchen tails straight in the air (can you tell they get their lunch as soon as I get home?)
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Total indifference---unless there are no treats in their bowl. Then it becomes "Meowmy, where have you been?!"
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Mine all greet me by getting underneath my feet, and trying to trip me up..

They're all that way too, when I get up in the morning. As soon as I open the bathroom door after taking a shower, they're all there waiting for me. Then they'll all come into the bathroom, while I'm doing my hair and getting dressed. I guess they think I need their help or something..
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Mine are like yours Fastnoc and I as well don't get it. I have noticed though that when I walk in slowly rather than rush in like I normally do that they usually wait for me right in the living room and start meowing like crazy and rubbing up on my legs. I also think it may be because I'm getting home late and they are hungry, lol!
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Kitty only greets me if I`ve been out all day and he`s run out of food

Maisie gets all excited but I know that`s to do with food also

Like our behaviorist said, Dogs are loyal, cats just love the nice things you provide them with
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Snowball always heard me coming in and was waiting at the door to greet me.
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See I expected that too. didn't happen

The last time I had cats my little girl would be waiting for me. in fact she would jump into my arms to get held when i came in unless I was carrying something
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I come in through the garage (into the basement), and by the time I come upstairs, Harry and Misty have already heard me come in (heard the car, heard the garage door open and close, heard the inside door open and close), and are waiting for me at the front door to let them out! I don't know where they sleep during the day, because they are never there anymore by the time I get inside.
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Usually Zane is waiting for me to come in. Sometimes he will only materialize a moment or so later. Very rarely will he not come to greet me. (On weekends when I'm in and out all the time is another matter, but when I come home from work. . . !)
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It's really interesting seeing how other people interact with their cats. This is a fun thread
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post

Like our behaviorist said, Dogs are loyal, cats just love the nice things you provide them with

Dogs have masters - cats have staff.
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Lilly and Forrest are always right by the door to greet us. Lilly will run and get in front of us and flop over on her side to be petted. Forrest rubs against my leg so I will pick him up and put him over my shoulder so I can scratch his back. I'll hold him and pet him for at least a few minutes while he purrs loudly.
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Whenever I come home Loki is always right there, and he'll follow me, rub on my legs, and meow at me until I pick him up. Then he'll purr and will sit in my lap for a while. He does this when I get up in the morning too. Felix has similar behavior, though he usually comes a couple minutes after Loki. But he does cuddle with me more while I'm at home.

Their greetings don't have anything to do with food or something like that. I think it's because while they were living at my work there were a bunch of people around always picking them up and petting them... especially Loki; he was the favorite up there.
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I am really lucky that mine all greet me with some love when I come home. I usually come in the door and they follow me either to the kitchen or the living room. I always say when they are rubbing their heads on my legs that they are giving me hugs. So as soon as they see me they are giving me hugs and then I sit down and give them some love back
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Sophie (yappy toy pom) barks insanely. cries, pants, jumps one me until I pick her up. Rosie sheltie/shepard cross. just barks and dances. Lucky purrs and walks between my legs. Gus meows until I say hello. Picture this all going on, at the same time, as you have your arms full of groceries. Now add Dh and three kids. it is a zoo. At least I know they love me
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There's a stairwell that goes directly to our front door and Hennessy is either sitting at the top of the stairs or, if he heard the key in the lock soon enough, pressed against the door crying his heart out. Then he follows me around for about ten minutes with headbutts and rubs and demanding pets. Then it's either laying at my feet or back in the window where he was in the first place.
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My guys all greet me in a different way when I come home..Linus is always sitting in the window watching for me when I turn into the driveway..As soon as I open the door, Sassy is meowing and wrapping around my legs..Pixie usually waits until I hang up my purse and jacket then jumps up on the bench I have in the hallway to rub against my arm as I hang them up. Linus then arrives and has to be picked up for a quick snuggle..
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well, with my oldest, Pixel, it's just same old, same old - she might come greet me, but doesn't usually bother.
Cable, Chip & Java all come to greet me - Java & Cable usually jump up onto something to reach me, & Chip is my leg rubber. Java likes for me to kiss her nose when i come home
Firefox is a bit more leery - as if she's afraid that i might do something to her! but she usually follows the group in.
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Lets seem, my ferals who are outside run and hide the second they see the car pull up in the driveway. My semi-feral waits until we get out of the car and walk towards him, and then he takes off running. The kittens, they ALL come running and try and trip us, and scream as if we have food for them. The ones who go outside, and who are usually on the front porch all come running and also try and trip us..and jump in the back of the van when we carry in groceries.

Usually they all come running, and try and trip us. And beg for food (Even if we come home and didn't even go grocery shopping)
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It's the greatest thing coming home to a cat.

Nigel is always there at the catflap looking out and meowing to me.

When I get inside and sit down he jumps all over me.
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Omelet is the only one who greets me at the door, like a dog lol
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flash cries to be held then squirms so we feed her but if its only to the shop and back she will ignore us because we left her by herself
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Demetri is always waiting in the front window for me and I can see him meowing as I walk up the drive.

When I come inside all of them greet me and start telling me all about their day, when I sit down they all clamber up trying to be the first one in my lap
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The spare bedroom is at the front of my house, and i'm certain cats can tell the time because Sophie is usually sitting on the sill waiting for me. As soon as i walk down my drive i watch her jump down to run downstairs, and when i open the livingroom door she's right there behind it, followed by Rosie and Jack coming down the stairs They headbutt my legs and i give them scritches, then they follow me into the kitchen because they know it's time for their wet food
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When I come home, my feral cat, Blondie always comes to greet me. She knows my car and if she gets there and DBF is driving, she runs away. Likewise, if I'm driving DBF's car, she wont come to greet me. DBF is tall and even after 4 years of knowing him, she's still pretty certain that he's gonna pick her up and eat her. She always meets me (kind of like my dogs used to do) and then I have to pet her for approx 10 mins or until she walks away (indicating that she's had enough).

Then it's time to go inside where Sunny runs from whatever room he's in at the time to try to trip me up as I'm coming in the door. Sunny, who is a very cuddly kitten, requires that I hold him and carry him from room to room with me. When I try to go to the restroom, he just has to be there (absolutely no privacy in my house). Then it's time to change my clothes and he will actually let me put him down momentarily to find and put on my clothes - then it's right back into the arms. He's my little orange shadow and ever since we've taken him in, it takes me 6 times longer to get anything done around the house, but I wouldn't have it any other way
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If she sees my car coming towards the house, she will jump down from her favorite window and be waiting when I open the front door. Then she purrs and flops down so I can pet her on the base of her tail and under the chin.

If she hears the car but she can't see it she does the same thing. She will not do this when it's a neighbor's car or my carpool buddy.

Smart kitty has learned which cars belong to meowmy and pawpaw!
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My two house cats will stare out the window at me, then right when I open the door they'll meow, roll around, and then run to the kitchen to get fed!

My outdoor cat will come around the house and greet me, then run around to the back to get fed.
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My kitty waits at the top of the stairs for me to walk up (my front door is at the bottom of a flight of stairs) and when i get to the top she rolls over and over and over, purring,but she doesn't like to be rubbed on her belly so i have to wait for her to get over her excitement then we get a cuddle
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