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Marley ate Onions!!!!

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My BF just called me and said Marley, 5mo, puked up rice and onions. I have NO IDEA how he got into it!!! Im assuming he ate it this morning because thats when he puked, but I can't be for sure...it could have been last night. Aslo, I don't know if the onions were raw or cooked. I have read that onions are toxic to cats and can cause anemia. I don't know how much he ate but the BF said what he puked up could fit in the palm of your hand. What should I do? I made the BF make Marley drink some water. He said he is acting fine, but he didn't eat any of the food I left for him this morning. Any advice is much appreciated!!!!
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If with rice, maybe they were cooked. Call your vet.
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My cat ate m&m's ,and the vet said to keep an eye on him. If he vomits more or acts differently,take him to the vet. He may not be eating because he has an upset tummy. I'm sending good vibes to Marley
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I'd call the vet too. If it was more then a few small pieces of onions. Better safe then sorry.
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I would call the vet also.
I know onions can be toxic to cats
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