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Bad Kitty!!

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I had the lid off the fish tank,to clean,and when my back was turned..............
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i always put my babies in the bed room when i'm doing the fish tank! That would be like sitting a nice frosted cake infront of me and then walking out of the room
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Awwww . . . LOL, even when they're being naughty, they're cute . . .
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww How Sweet
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I was right in the kitchen all he did was get a drink ! then I made him get down.
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That's pretty funny and cute!
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I had a neihbor once, who had a three-legged kitty, Tripod, and he was a relentless fisherman. Even with only 3 legs he'd balance on the top and pick out the plants but never try to eat the fish, it was like he tried to 'pet' them. They're all too cute. The little stinkers!!!:jarswim:
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Sherral, that would make a great "Caption This" photo!
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LOL I'm still laughing!!! That is too cute
The only reason I'd really get a fish tank is to entertain the cats (is that aweful?)
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My kitties the fishtank too!
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Too cute! Just wanted a drink of water, eh? LOL Cats are so funny and smart!
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I sent this picture to Anne for a caption this,as well as 5 or 6 other ones.But..
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What a stinker!
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Love the photo too!
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Entertaining the kitties is the only reason I relented and let Darrell get a tank...
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Shell and Lhezza helped me get my flag back!
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